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Case Study 2022

Case Study 2022

Case Study 2022

Case Study – Copenhagen 2022

After a couple of years of delivering virtual events it has been exciting to return to the air, skies, land and sea to deliver in-person keynotes and workshops to clients around the world. 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to represent Ramboll at their leadership conference.

Ramboll is a global engineering, architecture, and consultancy company that was founded in Denmark in 1945. With over 16,500 employees, Ramboll creates sustainable solutions across Buildings, Transport, Energy, Environment and Health, Water, Management Consulting, and Architecture and the Landscape.

Together, they combine insights from their years of expertise with the power to drive positive change for their clients. They deliver this in the form of ideas that can be realized and implemented.

Teams within Ramboll, work on tens of thousands of projects within engineering, design, and consulting each year, including some of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. Some of Ramboll’s most iconic global architecture and engineering contributions include the longest bridge in both Finland and India, a huge wind farm off the shores of Japan, and work all over the Philippines.

For their leadership conference in Copenhagen, the client wanted to inspire their senior leaders to work more collaboratively globally and give them insights into how they can drive change internally and externally as well as influence their preferred partners to grow their market share and establish geographical strongholds around the world.

I  was invited to deliver a high-impact 60-minute keynote speech on the first morning of the event for the senior leadership team with the Managing Director of Ramboll and her senior team of leaders  other global directors and leaders.

During pre-event calls with the client, it was decided that I would share strategies, insights, and thought-provoking ideas on how the organization’s geographical businesses could collaborate, influence, and drive change more effectively using my Effective Influence Model and leave with takeaways that the leadership team could apply and employ immediately and feed them down to the rest of the team.

I provided the leadership team with powerful insights on how to use collaboration and influence to accelerate growth and build long-term client relationships. Some of the strategies I shared included how to reframe their minds from managers to leaders in order to create sel-managing teams. 

I shared 3 critical ingredients used to accelerate collaboration within teams and also shared the number 1 technique used to create more innovative and collaborative teams. This was complemented with a tailored approach to Ramboll and followed up with a 30-minute facilitation to give the delegates the opportunity to reflect on the strategies I shared and how they can apply them into their organization.

This was all wrapped up with some mentalism demonstrations which focussed on collaboration and influence as their main theme to hang the message off the back of and make it a truly interactive and fun experience.

Leadership Conference 2022
Keynote speaker in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Conference Speaker

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