Duncan is a change speaker. With over 10 years as a professional influence and change management expert, Duncan Stevens helps brands, companies, teams and leaders navigate change with strategies and techniques to ensure everyone feels valued, secure and motivation remains high. He deploys his Effective Influence Model which organisations can then use after Duncan has finished delivering his change management keynote or masterclass. To date, over 150 organisations have implemented Duncan’s Effective Influence Model in the context of change management to ensure a smooth and elegant transition from one phase of their business to another. 

Change is not a big and dramatic ‘thing’ that people place a massive emphasis on. Change happens all of the time. If change wasn’t happening, we would all lead much duller lives. In fact, there are many benefits to change. When change happens to us, we don’t like it and this is where we struggle. However, when change happens with us, this can be fun and exciting.

It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious and concerned about change. The challenge of change in an organisation is not the change itself but the threat it has to the team’s levels of habituation and threat to their identity.

We are creatures of habit and love and enjoy habituation. We eat the same breakfast, at the same time, get up at virtually the same time every day, work for a certain length of time, know-how long we will be paid every month, know the route we will drive to work and more. When this becomes threatened through the unknown when change happens to us as opposed to with us is where there are issues. Rather than adopting a logical response to change, our response is often emotional. 

The sooner in the change cycle that you can engage Duncan’s services the better. Get in touch with Duncan now to learn more.

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“Duncan’s change management talk was nothing short of transformational. We had a large part of our organisation, concerned, worried and turnover had increased. We brought Duncan in to deliver his keynote and then offer his ongoing consultancy. It was superb and we received an extremely high return on our investment and objectives.”


Since 2020, companies have been either hiding, thriving or surviving. Whichever stage you are at, you have no doubt undergone a significant amount of upheaval both economically and within your organisation. As the world emerges, the economic and your market landscape undoubtedly look very different from a few years ago. Get in touch with Duncan to help him deliver value to your leadership team and organisation to navigate these changes more effectively and actually capitalise on them as a change speaker or deliver one of his change management masterclasses. Schedule a discovery call with Duncan below, to learn more.