A Selection Of The Many Clients That Put Their Trust In Duncan To
Deliver Tailored Keynotes and Workshops At Their Conferences

A Selection Of The Hundreds Of Organisations and Brands That Duncan Has Helped Unlock Their Influence Abilities To Collaborate More Productively, Sell More Consistently Or Lead More Effectively.

Eversheds Sutherland


Duncan Shares Helps Eversheds Grow Their Middle East Market Share Through Bespoke Influence and Collaboration Strategies.
(Partners & Leadership Conference In Dubai)



Duncan Helps Ramboll Unlock The Collaboration and Influencing Potential of Their SLT to achieve exponential growth in the Asia Pacific Area.
(Global Leadership Conference In Denmark)

Avantor Life Sciences


Duncan Motivates And Inspires The Senior Sales Team to Work More Collaboratively To Increase Sales As The World Entered A Global Recession. (Global Account Managers Conference UK)

CMH Logo New


Duncan Provides Customised Influence and Persuasion Strategies to Increase Sales of Summer Hiking And Energiser Pieces
(Global Sales Conference Held In Canada)


Facilities Management

Duncan Helps Sodexo Increase The Focus Of The SLT’s Influencing Abilities To Drive Results And Shares Strategies To Increase Agility.
(Global Senior Leadership Conference UK)

Accor Logo New

Hospitality & Leisure

Duncan Inspires And MotivatesThe Senior HR Team Over A Period Of Great Change. This Keynote Gave Hope And Motivation.
(Global HR Conference Held In Hungary)


Publishing & Analytics

Duncan MotivatesThe Sales Team To Cross-Sell and Up-Sell More Effectively With Strategies to Increase Sales and Bring Some Fun.
(Global Sales Conference Held In Barcelona)

KPMG Logo New


Duncan Unlocks The Influence, Persuasion and Collaboration Capabilities Of KPMG Global Senior Leadership Team.
(Global Leadership Conference UK)

White Rose Finance Logo

Financial Services

Duncan Stevens Helps The UK's Leading Commercial Finance Organisation Unlock Their Influence And Collaboration Skills.
(Global Senior Leadership Conference UK)

Global Allergies Airways Patient Platform


Duncan Inspires Delegates to Influence Change Within Government Organizations And Collaborate More Effectively Together To Grow Organisation. (Global Advocacy Leadership Event in Spain)

Boehringer Ingelheim


Duncan Helps Boehringer Ingelheim Change Perspective and Embrace Possibilities.
(Virtual Keynote Delivered Online To An International Audience)

Coca Cola

Food and Beverage

Duncan Inspires Teams To Think Differently and Think Outside of The Box In This Custom Keynote
(Virtual Keynote Delivered Online To An International Audience)