Global Construction Companies Hire Duncan Stevens to Help Them Become More Persuasive and Effective


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Inspirational construction keynote speaker Duncan Stevens is the preferred speaker for multinational companies that want to be more persuasive and effective through how they act and the words they use to gain an advantage in times of change.

Duncan has delivered his keynotes to many well-known brands, corporations and leadership teams such as Coca Cola, Nike, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Procter and Gamble and Ford to mention just some of them along with Fortune 500 companies, and Construction industry organizations and leaders.

For more than 10 years, He has been sharing his Influence Effective Model for CEOs and corporate executives as well as senior leadership teams, sales teams and groups from Dubai to Singapore and Indonesia to South America

He is the CEO and founder of the Influence Association and the author of the popular influence book, Effective Influence, an entrepreneur and a mentalist. He is considered to be one of the top experts on effectiveness and influence He has earned himself the status of an easy to work with keynote speaker in the construction industry.

Construction Keynote Speaker


Construction is one of the world’s largest industries. It consists mainly of new construction, engineering and architectural services, but also includes activities such as facility management, landscape design and maintenance, specialist trades (such as welding or electrical work), site preparation works (such as groundwork or excavation) and building cleaning. The size of the average construction project has grown substantially in recent years. Modern building construction now includes a significant amount of equipment installation, materials supply and integration, as well as installation of utility services to the site.

Construction industries are responsible for about 8 per cent of the world’s gross national product (GNP), or about US$4 trillion annually. The industry is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 1%, or a total of US$4 trillion, to reach nearly US$5 trillion by the year 2022.

By region, construction in Asia and Eastern Europe is forecast to grow at a near-average rate over the next few years, while the European market should benefit from its ongoing political integration. In the Americas, the construction industry will continue to grow North America at a slow but steady pace, while the Latin American market should expand more rapidly.

The primary sector – includes utilities such as water supply, gas and electricity; transport infrastructure involving roads, railways, bridges and airports; other civil engineering projects related to residential, commercial or industrial complexes; local government facilities such as schools, libraries and other community venues.

The construction industry has several conferences and events every year. All of them have several keynote speakers who can inspire and motivate. Booking a keynote speaker for an event is one of the most crucial aspects. Here are some ideas to help you book a successful keynote speaker for your upcoming events.

1. Keynotes are not only meant to inspire and motivate the audience, but also offer credibility to your event. A professional construction speaker can add more value than often an internal speaker can – that is why your delegates can become a lot more inspired by external constructions speakers.

2. Keynoters can add a lot of value to your event, so keep their profile in mind while booking them. Do not go for a speaker just because they are a part of some association or have some experience – think about how your audience will be motivated and inspired by their speech.

3. Look for a speaker who can represent your construction event in the best possible way. Check their website to see how they present themselves, what kind of clients they have worked with before and whether or not they are available to travel if you need them to come down to your city for the event.

4. Do your homework to keep the costs low. Make sure you have all the necessary information about the speaker, their background and credentials before making a formal enquiry. It will save you time as well as money.

Duncan is a professional construction speaker who speaks all over the world. Some of Duncan’s recent destinations as a construction speaker include JerusalemWarsawCaracasCasablancaAtlantaManilaTel AvivSan Diego and Johannesburg. He also travels to MarseilleNottinghamCairoDusseldorfWellingtonScottsdaleKarachiAukland, Paris and Munich and beyond.