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Decision Permission – Influence Strategy

Decision Permission - Influence Strategy

Decision Permission – Influence Strategy


We tend to make decisions when in we have been granted permission to do so. Decision permission significantly lowers the thresholds for in our decision making process and psychologically allows us to make easier choices at specific times. Nearly all influence attempts require permission whether this is consciously or subconsciously. We don’t just let someone influence our actions and behaviors simply because they are in a position of authority.

We need to overcome that resistance in our minds first. At some stage in our interaction with anyone, we generally make a conscious, and even subconscious decision to give someone permission to influence our work, mind and way of thinking. If they haven’t secured that permission subconsciously, then we won’t allow them to influence us.

Irrespective of our position in the organization, job title or standing within the organization or even who reports to us, the permission to influence someone else is not given -it’s earned. The reason for this is is because before we are directors, leaders, executives, chiefs, managers, directors, or whatever, we are human.

Because we are human, it’s fundamentally important to realize the flaws we have that come with being human, are wholly irrespective of who you are or or the title you hold. As a result we make a conscious choice to allow others to inspire us, guide us, drive us, and to influence us to think, do, act or behave in certain ways whether it’s to achieve more in our work or private lives or become more effective more often and achieve the heady heights of success that by ourselves, we may not have thought was possible.


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