Duncan’s unique Effective Influence Model was created after years of learning, understanding and conducting experiments into the field of influence and persuasion. He wanted to design and easy to understand model that could elevate people’s influence and persuasion skills to make them more effective.

As we get bombarded by more and more curiosity hooks, advertising and marketing messages, we are slowly becoming desensitised to authentic persuasion and influence techniques. It’s no longer about being a great salesman or woman. In fact it never was. Being labelled as a great salesman simply means you’ve been caught. The result we should all be looking for in a sales process or negotiation comes in the form of the words “Thank you”.

A ‘thank you’ shows that we have cared. We can demonstrate that we care by finding a solution for our clients’ problems and demonstrating empathy with their needs.

Empathy is caring about what the people you care about care about. In fact, caring for others and perusing our business or personal goals is a cause and effect relationship.

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In his Effective Influence Model Duncan demystifies and decodes the techniques that are used by the world’s leading negotiators to accelerate their influence abilities and build relationships.

Duncan shares with you small practical, costless principles that will allow you to lead, sell, market and create long-term client relationships much more effectively where the client will feel that they are respected and are cared for. In turn, this will build loyalty, emotional engagement, and buy-in, all of which will lead to significantly more effective results.

Duncan’s Effective Influence Model will give you the tools and techniques to take your influencing skills to the next level, and ensure each negotiation is significantly more effective, every single time.


  • This content-rich keynote details Duncan’s Effective Influence Model and draws tailored examples from his bestselling book ‘Effective Influence’
  • Duncan provides actionable persuasion strategies - both what to do and what to say in order to attract and retain more customers.
  • Duncan shares the core principles of influence and tailors his presentation using your language, to your people, delivering your objectives.
  • Duncan provides you with the winning influence tools and techniques to help you create more opportunities, and operate significantly more effectively.
  • He leaves your audience confident, inspired, and ready to take action using the actionable principles he shares.
  • These talks are interactive. They involve the audience. They provoke thoughts. They change mind sets. They offer new perspectives. They entertain and inform.
  • All of the tools and techniques shared are underpinned by the science meaning you know that there is a real legitimacy to everything.
  • All of Duncan’s content is provided with context meaning it is much easier to visualise transferring into your chosen environment.
Lloyds Bank

"Duncan delivered his keynote to over 300 of us and were given a real treat. Out of all the keynotes I have seen, this one really stood out. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."


"Engaging, fun and really inspiring. It was just what our team needed!"


"Another great keynote from Duncan. The standing ovation at the end said it all!"

Royal Mail

"We hired Duncan to deliver his Effective Influence Model presentation and our team loved it! Loads of amazing examples and actionable takeaways. We’ll definitely be having him back!"

Procter and Gamble

We booked Duncan to talk at our event and he was the highlight and talking point of the whole day. Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly book again in the future.


  • Understand the 3 core human behaviours alongside technology that will elevate your influence and persuasion skills to the next level
  • Answer the 3 subconscious questions in people’s minds to accelerate your level of influence and encourage them to buy into your product or idea
  • Learn not just what to do, but the persuasive words and how to say them
  • Get more people to say ‘yes’ more often and more regularly
  • Acquire more new clients and more repeat business for now and the future
  • Ensure you are meeting their needs every single time
  • Increase the effectiveness of future conversations, leadership roles, marketing strategies, sales negotiations and interpersonal relationships.
  • All elements are underpinned by case-studies and experiments making the principles much more tangible.
  • The Effective Influence Model is 100% actionable can be applied immediately to generate almost instantaneous results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Duncan’s Effective Influence Model is unique to him. It has been developed off the back of years of experimenting and researching the behavioral psychology behind influence and persuasion. This is an easy to learn model which, if applied will make you and your audeince significantly more persuasive and effective.

Yes. Some of the techniques Duncan shares, you may already be doing. His will unlock that extra percentage to give you the edge. Other techniques are cutting edge and re-engineered that you can apply right now to help you influence and persuade effectively every single time.

Yes. Duncan’s Effective Influence Model is not only beneficial to those people wanting to sharpen their influencing and persuasion skills but also for those wanting to communicate more effectively to achieve better results.

Yes. Duncan offers a leadership speaker keynote presentation which tailors his Effective Influence Model and applies it to leaders. It will allow them to influence others more effectively inside and outside of the boardroom. Duncan combines this with body language techniques to enhance your leadership skills even further.

There are many psychological principles at work when you examine the art of influence and persuasion. Essentially, you are encouraging people into your way of thinking or acting without compromising your values or theirs and leaving them feeling that they have made their choice under their own free will. 

Yes. For smaller groups Duncan’s influence and persuasion masterclasses are perfect for giving one-on-one help to teams with a focus on overcoming influence and persuasion difficulties in their own industry. These masterclasses are bespoke, custom packages which can last for a half or full day with additional follow up sessions if required. Duncan is also providing these virtually online too. Use the navigation at the top of the page to find out more.

Duncan’s keynote presentations have no limitation on size. He has presented to audiences as larges as several thousand. For smaller audiences, he recommends his masterclass sessions. Get in touch to discuss the number of audience members and how Duncan can tailor his presentation to ensure he delivers it with maximum effectiveness.