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Entertainment industry keynote speaker, Duncan Stevens, is the speaker of choice for entertainment who look to become more persuasive and more effective through how they act and what they say to give them the edge during times of change.

Duncan has helped some of the world’s most recognisable entertainment brands, companies and leadership teams including Coca Cola, Nike, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Procter and Gamble and Ford, to name just a few alongside Fortune 500 companies.

For over 10 years he has been sharing his Effective Influence Model with CEOs, company executives, senior leadership teams and sales teams from Boston to Brisbane and from Brussels to Bucharest

He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association, author of the best-selling book Effective Influence, entrepreneur and mentalist. He is regarded as one of the worlds leading authorities on influence and effectiveness and has established himself as a highly sought after, professional keynote speaker in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry Keynote Speaker


Entertainment in the United States is a $597 billion industry that employs over two million people. The United States entertainment industry accounts for half of all global revenue and 30 percent of total world’s spending on entertainment. Out of those, players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple are leading the pack with revenue between $68 billion to $246 billion.

The industry will see an estimated increase of 18 per cent over the next few years, but within that, television will continue to dominate due to its broad appeal. The following table shows U.S. entertainment industry’s revenue by sector in 2016.

Entertainment Industry Sectors Market Size in USD Billion Sector Description Traditional Media Television, Radio, Music, Movie Theater 18.1 billion dollars Entertainment Software Video Games 7 billion dollars Motion Pictures Feature Films 6 billion dollars Cable Networks TV Channels 4.5 billion dollars, Diversified Media Publishing 2.4 billion dollars and Theme Parks and Amusement Parks 1.4 billion dollars not forgetting Traditional Publishing Books, Comics, Newspapers, Music Recording Artists, Labels, Broadcasting Radio Stations, TV Stations, New Media Internet Entertainment and Media Market and Other Entertainment Gambling and Betting Industries.

As of 2021, the biggest players in the entertainment industry sector are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. The combined market cap of these five companies is more than 1.54 trillion USD. Despite the fact that these five companies hold large market shares, they are still growing at a fast pace in which each has over doubled in their stock price in the past five years.

Duncan is frequently hired to deliver one of his inspiring entertainment industry keynote speeches at one of the many conferences held around the world. Some of the most popular conferences include the Entertainment Industry Conference, The International Music Summit, The Copyright Leaders Forum, The International Music Conference held in Ibiza and the Spain Annual Content Protection & Internet Security Summit held in Los Angeles

The entertainment industry continues to see huge growth and grew exponentially over the pandemic as people stayed at home and took the advantage of the many streaming services. In fact, the overall market size of streaming services doubled to 23 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 which is an illustration of the rising demand for online entertainment among consumers who prefer on-demand videos over traditional TV channels fuelled in part by the pandemic.

Alongside Netflix, there are a number of other big players within the entertainment industry. Some of these include

Netflix – $6,542 million

X Box/Microsoft – $10,646 million

Sony – $14,760 million

Amazon – $107 billion

Apple – $738 billion

Google/Alphabet – $674 billion

Disney – $160 billion

Duncan’s content-rich and highly visual keynote presentations are a perfect way to motivate your team and encourage them to see new perspectives to navigate change, influence more effectively, sell more consistently and deliver higher levels of performance. Find out more below.