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A little something to help event organisers: When Duncan is hired for an event – his goal (other than delivering an outstanding keynote presentation or masterclass) is to ensure that your relationship with bringing to Duncan to your event is as smooth, easy and as stress-free as possible.

He doesn’t have any diva requests such as Grade 10 Manuka honey in a 3-minute steeped mint tea, but he has created an easy to follow guide with some useful tips to working with him. Duncan has also provided a biography, Speaker Introduction, Logos, Technical requirements and additional photos and promo photos that you are welcome to use.

Duncan isn’t just your average speaker, if you hire him to speak at your event, he’s not just a ‘one call wonder’ where you speak with him, hire him and that’s it until the day. He will be as accommodating and as flexible as possible to ensure he meets the needs of the event. So if it means changing the length of speech, starting at a different time, or anything like that, Duncan tries his best to help.

Some of the other benefits Duncan can add to the success to your event at no extra cost include:

Advertising your event through his social media channels, podcast invitations and more if required.

He is there for the full day of your event, and is happy to attend the networking events too.

Duncan offers book signings at the venue either prior to his speech or at the end.

He would be happy to attend a VIP dinner which you may host for people to meet him.

He is happy to offer a meet and greet at some part during the day too.


If you had any more specific requests then please do not hesitate to contact Duncan or his assistant in his office on duncan@duncanstevens.com


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Duncan Stevens - Explaining his Effective Influence Model
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Promotional Material

Speech descriptions to share with your guests to give them an insight into the talk content.


'Influence More Effectively, More Often'

This content-rich keynote details Duncan’s Effective Influence Model and draws tailored examples from his bestselling book ‘Effective Influence’ In this detailed talk, he provides actionable persuasion strategies – both what to do and what to say in order to attract and retain more customers.

Duncan shares the core principles of influence and tailors his presentation using your language, to your people, delivering your objectives. 

This presentation will provide you with the winning influence tools and techniques to help you create more opportunities and operate significantly more effectively. As a result, he will leave you confident, inspired, and ready to take action using the actionable principles he shares.

These talks are interactive. They involve the audience. They provoke thoughts. They change mind sets. They offer new perspectives. They entertain and inform.

All of the tools and techniques shared are underpinned by the science meaning you know that there is a real legitimacy to everything.

All of Duncan’s content is provided with context meaning it is much easier to visualise transferring into your chosen environment.


'Learn Collaboration from The Wizard of Oz'

We can use collaboration to a collective advantage to think more creatively and innovate faster. Collaboration also allows us to grow, nurture or establish new relationships which makes users more efficient and effective.

When teams are working collaboratively, silos are broken down where everybody is involved and part of the creative journey. It’s the sum of every member of the collaborative process that is far more effective and influential than the individual parts. 

Collaborative teams are more agile, more productive, more innovative and more weather-proof to market conditions.

In this interactive, fun and inspiring collaboration keynote Duncan shares the number one technique used by some of the most forward-thinking organizations that allow them to innovate faster to give them the edge. He draws from global examples of collaboration and gives you the behavioral science behind his strategies to use in you own teams.

This inspiring and fun keynote shares the small, costless practical strategies you can apply and employ to develop internal AND external collaborative relationships.


Influence and Lead Authentically and Effectively Every Single Time

Great leadership is never about the leader. It’s about everyone whose lives we touch.

There is no dichotomy between caring for others and perusing success in your business as a leader. This is a cause and effect relationship. Some leaders look for compliance in their business. However, the opposite of compliance is commitment which comes from influencers and leaders askingthemselves “How does what I’m asking this person to do align with their needs, goals, wants and desires?”

By leading with care and empathy for your employees and applying Duncan’s Effective Influence Model you can be assured your team will be both more effective and more committed. This will result in a more loyal and committed work force with lower staff turnover rates and more open to influence and persuasion. If they are open to our influence, we can inspire them. If we can inspire them more, they will serve our customers better, and bring in more customers through recommendation.

Using his Effective Influence Model Duncan will give you the tools and techniques to take your influencing skills to the next level, and ensure that you can influence your team to generate genuine buy-in to new ideas more effectively, every single time.

Duncan shares with you small practical, costless principles that will allow you to lead, sell, market and create long-term client relationships much more effectively where the client and your team will feel that they are respected and are cared for.


World Class Entertainment

When Duncan Stevens is not delivering keynote presentations or masterclasses, he travels the world performing his influence and his persuasion mentalism show. He has played to some of the world’s most recognizable brands and companies and is highly sought after in the corporate arena.

This is a 100% interactive show (if you want to) and really sets Duncan out as someone who can deliver what he shares in his keynote presentations. Using the similar techniques he shares in his keynotes and workshops, Duncan performs an array of mind blowing influence mysteries. You may have sampled a couple of these in his keynote speech but this is a no-holds-barred-entertainment event where you will receive the full influence-experience.

His act combines incredible influence and persuasion demonstrations as well as some cutting edge technology routines to create both a highly interactive and visual show with a real focus on

Some of the routines you can expect are:

Feeling a rock as a sponge or seeing a playing card in a deck of blank cards. In fact, using very subtle influencing nuances, Duncan can not only plant ideas in people’s head but he can also read cues and clues to influence people into giving away certain hidden thoughts. 

All of Duncan’s demonstrations are underpinned by the similar influence and persuasion skills he shares in his keynotes and masterclasses to give a highly visual and engaging representation of them.

This is a professionally produced show which guarantees to leave you laughing in amazement.