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Fear Of What If (FOWI) – Sales and Influence Strategies

Fear Of What If - Sales and Influence Strategies

Fear Of What If (FOWI) – Sales and Influence Strategies


FOWI or the Fear of What If. We are all fearful of the unknown or unpredictability in life. The fear of the what-if – is fearing the worst if we do not take action or make a change. This is heightened by the fact that both selling and buying has become more complex and challenging. Information overload makes it harder to track what is important and increases distractions.

What is a distraction? And what should be focused on? Although buyers are now progressing through their buying cycle more by themselves, without a salesperson to help, there is a definite need from their side to validate their findings.

The definition of uncertainty is experiencing the unknown, the unpredictable, or the unfamiliar. We live in a world filled with unknowns, and uncertainty and laced with moments of unpredictability. It is hard to predict what will happen to us in the future.

As salespeople, it can be highly advantageous to make use of the fact that there are now too many variables in the buying process that impacts and influences our final decision-making. The many stakeholders involved in the decision-making process may disagree on what the company’s main challenges are. 

They may disagree on the scope and the what kind of solutions they should consider as a buying group. That’s why businesses are looking more and more to validate their findings with an independent salesperson’s views. What if they’ve been wrong all this time? What if the challenges they face in the buying process can be solved differently? What if they’ve been looking at growth opportunities in the wrong markets?

FOMO and fear of what if are powerful opportunities for sales executives to help satisfy buyers’ needs for validation. Their initial interest is not whether your products, services, and solutions will do what they think they need. No, they first would like to hear from you if you have seen similar changes in their market and how others have dealt with them effectively. After all, you, as a salesperson, are meeting with similar businesses in the same industry with similar challenges. So you are becoming another source to help them to be up-to-date with the latest trends.

And every business wants to advance. Marketing teams are armed with the latest technology apps. Industry blog feeds are constantly tracking what the latest trends are, what is coming up next. Competitors’ moves are followed daily. 

The companies that are likely to come out on the other side of the digital revolution are those best equipped to evolve and roll with the changes. As a result it is important to help your customers and potential customers by leading with FOMO and FOWI insights. By helping them to adapt and take advantage of changes you position yourself as their preferred supplier and salesperson or advisor of choice. You will see how much they appreciate your views when they validate their decisions. 

Essentially your insights will enable you to gain their trust, establish your credibility and over time establish your reliability to allow you to earn the right to make a recommendation – your product or service. 


Duncan shares more influence insights and tactical strategies as well as more about the Fear Of What If (FOWI) effect on his Youtube Channel on Youtube.com/duncanstevens – to discover more about the fear of what if effect or to even hire him to speak about influence, sales, leadership or collaboration at your event you can follow the link below. Duncan is a professional keynote speaker and global authority on influence and persuasion. 

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