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Influence Expert Duncan Stevens
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Duncan Stevens is a professional futurist speaker. He researches and shares the latest trends in technology and how these trends will shape our future. Duncan is a pioneer in iPad, tech and digital magic and is helping usher in a new era of illusion.

His coding, innovation, and creativity have allowed him to create some incredible visual illusions. His keynote speech will inspire and motivate your guests through interactive demonstrations of this cutting edge technology and insights how they can be translated into business.

As a best-selling author of the book Effective Influence, founder of the Influence Association and digital magician, Duncan combines influence and technology to demonstrate when humans collide with technology. It can be either disastrous or ground breaking.

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As a futurist speaker, Duncan lifts the lid on some of the cutting edge technology used in the world of illusion and demonstrates how it can be combined with influence and persuasion to make you more effective. Duncan shares the creative process into devising new technology based routines and how he leverages existing technology to his advantage.

If you are looking for something truly inspiring that will really get your creative juices flowing to think innovatively about your own business then hiring Duncan as a futurist speaker could well be the solution.

If you have never seen some of his work before, this is because he performs to high end clients looking for something new and innovative. Is it really possible to pull a wristwatch out of Ebay?

Will you believe your eyes if his iPad 3d printed a full bottle of beer?

Have you ever seen anyone pull your chosen playing card out of a phone or pull a post out of Instagram on a borrowed phone?
Even still would you believe it, if Duncan could light up everyone’s phone in the room and give them commands separately?
Can you believe it is possible for him to know what you have searched for on your phone without him seeing?

These are just some of cutting-edge technology-based routines that Duncan performs. Not only will these feats leave your guests laughing in amazement but he will lift the lid on the development and creative processes involved and how these same technologies can be used in the future of business. Combine these technologies with his insights into influence and persuasion and you have an incredible arsenal of tools to place you one step ahead of the game.


Lloyds Bank

"Duncan delivered his keynote to over 300 of us and were given a real treat. Out of all the keynotes I have seen, this one really stood out. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."


"Engaging, fun and really inspiring. It was just what our team needed!"


"Another great keynote from Duncan. The standing ovation at the end said it all!"

Royal Mail

"We hired Duncan to deliver his Effective Influence Model presentation and our team loved it! Loads of amazing examples and actionable takeaways. We’ll definitely be having him back!"

Procter and Gamble

We booked Duncan to talk at our event and he was the highlight and talking point of the whole day. Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly book again in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Many futurists predict trends for the future. With the future being so unpredictable, you can really only say who is the best futurist of 2020 in 2021. Duncan is a technology futurist who uses niche technology in 2020 that can be used in other niches to give them the edge in 2021.

A futurist UK has a number of different meanings attached to the title. Some futurists are trend-watchers and predict trends for the future. Duncan is a technology futurist who shares niche technology he is using now to show companies how they can be used in their own niche to give them the edge now and in the future. Contact Duncan to find out more.

A technology futurist predicts which technology at our disposal now will be used more and more to change the face of business in the upcoming years. As a technology futurist speaker, Duncan demonstrates what technology is being used now in his niche to inspire, enthuse and entertain audiences. 

Futurist speakers charges vary dependent on their experience, credentials and other factors. Professional speaker fees can vary from £1,000 or $1,500 for an inexperienced speaker to £400,000 or $500,000 for a more recognized speaker. Contact Duncan to check his speaking rates.

We will see an increase in Augmented Reality, Digital Certification and Identification, and R.F.I.D (radio frequency identification) technology being used far more and applied in much more covert ways to bring about massive changes to how we trade and interact with one another on a global level.