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Healthcare keynote speaker, Duncan Stevens, is frequently hired by healthcare companies and organisations who are wanting their teams to become more persuasive and more effective through how they act and what they say in order to give them the edge during times of change.

Duncan has helped some of the world’s most recognisable brands, companies and leadership teams both inside and outside the healthcare industry including Coca Cola, Nike, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Procter and Gamble and Ford, to name just a few alongside Fortune 500 companies and healthcare teams.

For going on a decade, Duncan has been sharing his powerful Effective Influence Model with CEOs, company executives, senior leadership teams and sales teams from the UK to America and from Brazil to Bulgaria.

He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association, author of the best-selling book Effective Influence, entrepreneur and mentalist. He is regarded as one of the worlds leading authorities on influence and effectiveness and has quickly established himself as the got to professional speaker in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Keynote Speaker


Established in the early 1900s, the healthcare sector one part of the global economy that has grown exponentially as well as changed over time. The biggest influence on this growth and change has been technology and its connection to human life. From MRI machines to CT scans, humans have created ways to keep themselves alive longer, as well as ways to make the decision to end life easier. Health-related services are an industry that will continue to grow throughout the next decade, depending on how innovative our society can become.

With the constant advancements in technology, healthcare providers and health insurance companies should be looking for ways to incorporate new processes into their daily routines to keep them efficient, lean and delivering customer service excellence. One way to share processes and advancements in the healthcare field isthroughh the attendance at one of the many healthcare conferences that are held globally each year.

Some international healthcare conferences include the Healthcare Informatics Summit London, the Healthcare Leadership Conference, the International Medical Informatics Conference and the HIMSS Chapter Event & Expo.

In the United States the cost of healthcare has been rising at a faster rate than inflation. In 2000, healthcare spending was at its peak with a total of US$1.3 trillion being spent on the sector, however by 2012 this had risen to a staggering of US$2.8 trillion. This is due in part to an ageing demography and new technologies being introduced into the medical environment, meaning patients have greater access to more expensive treatments.

Duncan is regularly hired as a healthcare keynote speaker and some of the sectors within the healthcare industry he talks at include :

-Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories


-Durable Medical Equipment

-Home Health Care Services


-Physician Offices

-Nursing Care Facilities

-Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities

The healthcare industry is broad and multifaceted, meaning there are many opportunities available to those who want to excel. Motivational or keynote speakers can provide insights into what it takes to succeed at a healthcare conference or similar event by sharing the secrets to leadership, change management, influence and persuasion, teamwork or more bespoke talks. Healthcare motivational speakers such as Duncan Stevens always keep in mind that the success of their presentation depends on how well they connect with their audience. It is this relationship with people that often underpin many of his healthcare keynote speeches too.