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Duncan Stevens can be engaged as an inspiring motivational speaker in Johannesburg. As a keynote speaker, he helps several of the industry’s most recognizable businesses, teams and leaders unlock influence potential to sell more consistently and collaborate more productively. He also helps teams and leaders influence more effectively more often.

With over 10 years of experience, Johannesberg keynote speaker, Duncan Stevens has certainly himself as an in-demand contemporary keynote speaker due to his content-rich, engaging, motivating and humorous keynote speeches and masterclasses. He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and best-selling author of the number one best-selling book Effective Influence. He is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning ‘mentalist’ and and is considered as among the world’s premier authorities on influence and persuasion and how to apply them into the sales process and to collaborate more productively. Duncan’s humorous, content-rich and highly visual presentations motivate audiences to take on modern perspectives. His work, through influence, sales or collaboration speaking takes teams and individuals from pretty good to superb or from exceptional to market-leading through challenging times.

Before Duncan became a keynote speaker, he gained an Honours degree in Business Management, served as an officer in the British Royal Navy, was a business coach and mentor as well as a senior executive for some globally recognised brands. Learn more about Duncan here.

With over 10 years of prior experience, Duncan is internationally recognised as the leading authority on influence persuasion. He is widely acknowledged as an easy-to-work-with speaker and has delivered his presentations at conferences and sales kick-offs globally and all over Johannesburg and South Africa.

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“We secured Duncan’s services for our virtual and in-person event and he was incredible at both. His content was tailored to our organisation and he was really friendly and approachable by all of the delegates. We would not hesitate in recommending him to other clients too.”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Johannesburg

Turbine Hall Conference Center, Jalan Haji Benyamin, Kec, 10620

Turbine Hall Conference Center, 65 Ntemi Piliso St, Newtown, Johannesburg, 2001

Glenhove Conference Center, 52 Glenhove Rd, Melrose Estate, Johannesburg, 2196

Knightsbridge Conference Centre, 33 Sloane St, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191

AstroTech Conference Centre, 2 3rd Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Pyramid Conference Centre, 96 Eloff St, Village Deep, Johannesburg, 2001

Hyatt Regency Conference Center, 191 Oxford Rd, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2132

General Information About The City:

Known as the City of Gold, or eGoli in the native Xhosa language, this global megacity was created out of the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills, where the European settlers discovered huge deposits of gold and diamonds. Today this planetary Alpha city has one of the largest urban area in the world and is surprisingly listened to as the most forested city due to the sheer number of trees planted in its surrounding suburbs. It’s also an important hub for business and commerce in the region with Africa’s most utilized stock exchange and various media broadcasters with headquarters here.

Johannesburg as a Conference and Events City:

As an international trade city, Johannesburg offers numerous business conventions for your delegates to attend from the Africa Strategy Execution Conference, and the Joburg Annual Customer360 Exchange, as well as the Johannesburg Digital Transformation Forum which is looking at the shift to a technology augmented continent. There is also a large number of events focusing on the move towards eco-sustainability such as the African Smart Cities Summit, or the Johannesburg Power & Electricity World Africa Congress — both looking at ways to provide the world’s cities with renewable resources. Or if you’d prefer to plug into something more fashion-oriented then the annual expo Design Joburg features brands from around the country.

Places To Eat in Johannesburg as a Conference Attendee:

With all the international buniness that happens in this city there is no shortage of high quality eateries for you to choose from; however one of the best is DW Eleven – 13 at Dunkeld West, on Jan Smuts, where yuo can enjoy an intimate evening with creative, globally inspired cuisine, and fine wines (+27 11 341 0663); if you’d like to experience some authentic local cuisine then Marble Restaurant at Trumpet on Keyes Jellicoe Ave, where they have a sleek rooftop and upmarket dishes with a quality selection of wines (+27 10 594 5550); or for those looking for an elegant fine dining experience then you can make a reservation for Signature Restaurant at Centre Cnr Rivonia in Morningside, to enjoy an eclectic offering of dishes (+27 87 940 3880); otherwise you could head over to Urbanologi at 1 Fox St, in Ferreiras Dorp, for a sleek stylish eveing of cocktails and asian fusion served in an art deco dining room (+27 11 492 1399); and there is always Level Four Restaurant at 54 Bath Ave, Rosebank, which features modern classic dishes, a rooftop garden and a friendly yet elegant atmosphere (+27 11 344 8442).

Johannesburg Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

The city is world-renowned for its popular bohemian atmosphere and nightlife, particularly in the Melville, Rosebank and Greenside areas, where you’ll also find a variety of live performance venues from the Market Theatre to the Joburg Theatre. Or if you’d prefer to take in some culture then there are plenty of museums to including the Mandela Museum, at his former home in Soweto as well as the Johannesburg Art Gallery, which houses numerous high-profile local artworks. And your delegates will even be able to do some world-class shopping at places like the Oriental Plaza and the Rosebank Flea Market; however, if you’re here The Cradle of Humankind is just 25km away, where they discovered some of the oldest known human skeletons on Earth.