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Keynote Speaker in La Paz, Bolivia, Duncan Stevens, an international keynote speaker, offers bespoke, content-rich international keynotes to educate, inspire and entertain audiences from around the world. He has presented all over South America and globally from Brussels to Bucharest and from Budapest to Buenos Aries.

The author of the chart-topping book Effective Influence and founder and CEO of the Influence Association Duncan Stevens can be hired as an inspirational motivational speaker in La Paz. He is passionate about helping brands, teams and business leaders become more persuasive and more effective through what they say and how they act and manage change more effectively. As a successful entrepreneur, award-winning ‘mentalist’ and is widely recognised the premier authority on influence, persuasion, effectiveness and navigating industry changes. 

Duncan is highly experienced as and offers content-rich, highly engaging, inspiring and entertaining keynote speeches and workshops around South America and internationally. Duncan’s work, whether it’s through leadership or sales coaching, or keynote speaking takes organisations from good to excellent or from excellent to market-leading through difficult times. Duncan holds an Honours degree in Business Management, represented the British Royal Navy, was a business coach and trainer as well as a senior manager in market-leading orgnaisations. With over a decade of experience, clients hire Duncan to motivate and inspire on a range of subjects including influence and effectiveness. His speeches are relevant, unique, memorable and highly inspiring. As an easy-to-work-with keynote speaker, Duncan has delivered his presentations at corporate events and sales kick-offs internationally and all over La Paz and Bolivia. 

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You can discover more about Duncan’s interactive and immersive online masterclasses here.

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The benefit of having Duncan as an online keynote speaker at your summit, corporate event, or sales kickoff in La Paz is that you get the same high-quality inspirational material without paying the full price. Not only that but Duncan’s virtual presentation is always being updated and improved.

Virtual motivational speaker bookings by Duncan have allowed him to give an even more immersive keynote presentation. The Zoom platform, Microsoft Teams, and a variety of other video conferencing systems have allowed people to take part in interactive online Q and As, submit feedback polls, and much more. This has allowed Duncan’s online presentations to be considerably more tailored to the audience.

By utilizing technology and bespoke applications, Duncan’s virtual keynote gives you the same high-level visual slides and animations as a real keynote. Find out more about Duncan’s virtual keynote presentations below.

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“Duncan was superb at our event! He delivered an immaculate keynote with loads of entertainment and interaction. All of the delegates were feverishly taking notes and applause and laughter echoed around the room virtually continuously.”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in La Paz

Centro de Convenciones Colegio Medico de La Paz, Costanera 908, 1714

Oberland Conference Center, Mallasa 2, Av Circunvalación Alto Florida

Real Plaza Conference Center, Av. Arce 2177, Guachalla St, La Paz

Hotel Europa Conference Centre, City Centre, Tiahuanaco 64, La Paz

Stannum Boutique Conference Center, Av. Arce 2631, Torre Multicine

Grand Experience Conference Center, C. 7 Oscar Alfaro Nro.77, La Paz

General Information About The City:

Officially known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz, or Our Lady of Peace in English, this sub-tropical city situated in the Amazon basin is only the third-largest in Bolivia; however, it holds a special place as the highest capital city in the world. Founded at the site of a small Inca town by Spanish settlers — today the city is an important cultural centre of South America, as it hosts several heritage landmarks, along with its more modern urban cable way network that has actually been included as a New 7 Wonders site.

La Paz as a Conference and Events City:

The city itself only attracts a few global conference a year; the highlight of which is the Latin American Congress of Algal Biotechnology and the Congress of The Society of Environmental and Algal Biotechnology. However, there are opportunities for investors, primarily at the Expocruz Bolivia Trade Expo, where you can plug into the local economy, and discover potential opportunities to diversify your portfolio. And those looking to make agricultural connections can always attend the Achocalla or Harvest Festival in January which usually happens as the potato fields are being to bloom.

Places To Eat in La Paz as a Conference Attendee:

As a regional hub for commerce La Paz has plenty of high-quality eateries for your conference delegates to discover, one of the best though is Ali Pacha at 1306 C. Colon where you can get seasonal local dishes with a friendly vibe (+591 77201433); or if you would prefer some classic French dishes with a great selection of wines then Ludo Cocina a la Vista at Pje Medinacelli 2268, is for you (+591 22423513); and those looking for some high-end cafe cuisine can head to Restaurant 1700 at Av. 20 de Octubre for their creative South America fusion plates (+591 77706936); otherwise you could always make a reservation for Gustu at Calle 10 de Calacoto for some Bolivian fusion treats (+591 69830327); plus there is Terra at Av. Arce 2609-2631, where you can get an elegant light lunch and some amazing local wine in their stylish dining room (+591 22148393).

La Paz Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

Besides all the great restaurants your conference delegates can find in the city, there are also a whole bunch of amazing museums too; from the Museo Nacional de Arqueología which has a ton of ancient artefacts from the area to the Museo de Historia Natural that will get anyone a clear view on how the local wildlife evolved. You can even take in one of the local festivals if you are there at the right time year, including Alasitas where the locals make miniature gifts for each other or the Señor del Gran Poder when everyone dresses in bright costumes and dances in streets — among a load of others which happen throughout the year. It’s also worth remembering that the city is at an extremely high altitude and water can be rather scary, so you’ll be to factor that in too.