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Duncan Stevens has been a marketing speaker for the last 10 years. Similarly, in the last 10 years, the World Wide Web has become more and more saturated by businesses in every industry every single day. Every year, more businesses jostle to get their message, advertising, brand, product or service in front of prospective clients more fiercely than ever before.

The days of communicating a one size fits all marketing message are long gone. Nowadays the most cutting edge marketing companies, digital agencies and online influencers are serving up truly bespoke and targeted marketing messages to their customers.

They are finessing their marketing strategies to target the right audience at the right time using a mixture of personality traits, (commonly referred to as the ‘Big 5 OCEAN model’) and segmentation of their audience. This segmentation addresses age, gender, income, etc. and focusses on the more fact-based attributes of their target audience.

These observations are then distilled down even further by addressing people’s attitudes, activities, interests and opinions. Finally, some core principles of persuasion are used to elicit the desired result – whether it is to engage, buy or take action.

Influence and persuasion are fundamentally driven by the behavioural science principles of psychology. As a marketer you will know that whether we have the same income level, job, family, lifestyle, interests or hobbies we all have a different perspective on the world.

A different perspective means that we are all influenced in different ways.

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Marketing Conference Speaker - Duncan Stevens
Marketing keynote speaker - Duncan Stevens


Duncan Stevens is a professional marketing speaker. He is the author of the best-selling book, Effective Influence, Founder and Director of The Influence Association and an SEO, digital and online expert. Duncan shares his ideas on how to apply influence techniques alongside big data to deliver a truly targeted message to your audience.

This will result in more clicks, more sales, more engagement, more lead generation and more referrals. He draws on some of the science shared in his best-selling book ‘Effective Influence’ and packages it into a tailored keynote or masterclass for your company using your language, to your people, delivering your objectives.

In his Effective Influence Model, professional marketing speaker, Duncan Stevens, demystifies and decodes the techniques that are used by the world’s leading marketing agencies, analytic companies and strategic communication businesses to convert more prospective customers into sales, increase engagement, build large mailing lists and even influence electorates.

Duncan shares with you small, practical, costless principles that will allow you to market, advertise, influence and persuade much more effectively leading to long-term client relationships and customer loyalty.


Wojtek Puchacz – L & D Specialist – Accor

"I was blown away by Duncan's workshop on influence! Great tempo, lots of inspiring examples and super business oriented. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."

Mostafa Ihab – Principal Associate at Eversheds

"I attended an event for Duncan and it was magnificent! He was very engaging and his influence techniques are out of this world. would definitely recommend him as a speaker.”

Christina Zhuang – Head of Communications – Ramboll

"The speech was fascinating and the interactive elements were really engaging. We gained lots of positive feedback from the audience. In 3 words - Engaging. Fun. Informative."

Tonya Winders – CEO of GAAPP

"I can't say enough about how easy it was to work alongside Duncan for this event. I would highly recommend Duncan to you and we got rave reviews from all of the attendees and certainly, I will use him again in the future!"

Russell Smith – National Sales Manager – Avantor

"Duncan session at my company's strategy meeting was a really great session and helped me gain new insights into supporting and influencing my team and customers. I would highly recommend Duncan and hopefully, work with him again in the future".


Frequently Asked Questions:

The best marketing speaker is subjective due to different people having different expectations and requirements for their marketing speaker. The best marketing speakers are those who can speak in a way that will inspire, energize and motivate an audience and the content helps meet your marketing objectives more effectively. Contact Duncan to learn about how he can serve your audience and business.

A marketing speaker UK is a professional keynote speaker who is the memorable ingredient at a conference that helps  communicate a change in culture, a corporate announcement, change in culture or conference theme. Contact Duncan to understand how he can help.

Different marketing speakers charge different rates. Their fee is dependent on a number of variables including how experienced they are, their credentials, their content, their location or the length of their marketing speech. Contact Duncan to check his fees and availability.

A digital marketing speaker motivates, inspires and educates your audience through a content-rich presentation. These presentations will focus on how you can make your online marketing more effective using influence and persuasion tools. They change perceptions and offer new perspectives. Contact Duncan to find out about hiring him as a digital marketing speaker for your event.