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Why hire Duncan to deliver your masterclass, workshop or offer you consultation?

Master influencer, Duncan Stevens has helped established brands and businesses outperform their competitors, conquer markets, and realise huge sales growth.

He has been a guest teacher and coach in a number of educational establishments since 2008 and is widely regarding as the global leader in innovative and cutting edge influence and persuasion. He offers clear and definitive road maps for clients and businesses but on what to do and what to say to increase their effectiveness through the application of both influence tools and techniques and his Effective Influence Model. (E.I.M)

On stage, he is regularly hired to speak anywhere between 30 to 120 minutes however, despite these keynotes being tailored to the respective company or business, time is still short to really drill down and offer even great level of context. He regularly gets asked if he can host workshops, masterclasses or consultancy.

For years he turned these requests away. Until now. For the last 5 years, Duncan has been offering bespoke, full day master classes which gets to the very heart of you ‘sticking points’ and laser focuses his model and practices on your objectives.

A masterclass is the perfect opportunity for your group to have a two way dialogue to address their specific needs and requirements and accelerate their influence abilities. Often as managers, and leaders we know that our teams have these skills, they just need unlocking to realise and maximise their full potential.

These sessions are where you receive a maximum return on your investment as your team will have one-to-one coaching.

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What can I expect from a masterclass or workshop?

Whilst companies understand the importance of investing in their people, whenever they attend a sales event they often fail to realise any positive return on investment. 

Whilst the content is certainly informative, interesting, funny or entertaining it’s not practical or applicable. It’s more often than not – food for thought.

In Duncan’s workshops, they are still informative, interesting, funny and entertaining but most importantly you and your team will leave with 100% practical actions you can apply and employ in both what your do and what you say to yield BIG results.

Companies hire Duncan and apply his teachings to increase profits, generate more sales, convert more customers, change actions and behaviours and get buy-ins. He delivers his masterclasses and workshops to the following:

Leading brands, from retail and sales to fashion and from automotive to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), top the list. Next are online agencies, media, tech and entertainment firms, publishers, broadcasters, agencies and start-up companies.

Lloyds Bank

"Duncan delivered his keynote to over 300 of us and were given a real treat. Out of all the keynotes I have seen, this one really stood out. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."


"Engaging, fun and really inspiring. It was just what our team needed!"


"Another great keynote from Duncan. The standing ovation at the end said it all!"

Royal Mail

"We hired Duncan to deliver his Effective Influence Model presentation and our team loved it! Loads of amazing examples and actionable takeaways. We’ll definitely be having him back!"

Procter and Gamble

We booked Duncan to talk at our event and he was the highlight and talking point of the whole day. Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly book again in the future.

Duncan doesn’t just deliver a powerpoint-heavy workshop. He has a skeleton of a presentation which he draws from his knowledge (and prior understanding of your company culture, objectives and goals) to tailor a masterclass for you.

These are thought provoking that often result in a change in thinking and perception. This is all done through a collaborative process with the attendees so you and they can get maximum return.

This add real value to their skill set as they know these sessions are part curated by the attendees as it addresses their skills gaps, needs, wants and desires to maximise their influence and persuasion skills and effectiveness. It then gives them the tools and empowerment to put them into practice immediately.

This is not just a ‘day out of the office’. These masterclasses will realise and unlock untapped potential in your team to increase their effectiveness and ultimately their results.

Whilst this is HIS presentation it will be totally focussed on YOUR objectives and goals.

Duncan will ensure your team leave motivated and inspired to implement even just the smallest of changes to yield the biggest results.

These masterclasses and training sessions are 100% interactive both in speaking and in doing and can be tailored in length. Most commonly they are full or half day sessions to maximise their effectiveness.


Are you ready to turn your sense of urgency into a sense of excitement?

Request Duncan’s availability and rates:

Do you want to make even the smallest of changes now to yield big results NOW? If you don’t want that ‘bedding in period’ or lag as your team get used to a new principles and ideas then these masterclasses and workshops are for you!

You can request Duncan’s availability, services and rates using the contact from to specify your needs and speak with Duncan about designing a truly bespoke masterclass.

All of his rates are transparent and there are no hidden extras, costs or fees or stretching of hours.
Please note that Duncan gives over 100 keynote presentations a year so his availability is limited so get in touch now for any forthcoming dates.