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Top keynote speaker in Amman, Duncan Stevens is a world-leading expert in influence, persuasion, sales, leadership and change management. He delivers keynotes around in around Amman, Jordan and internationally from Casablanca to Chennai and from Chicago to Cologne. His inspiring keynotes are entertaining, engaging and packed with content.

Duncan’s mission is to encourage delegates to develop fresh perspectives through his fun, interactive and highly visual keynotes. This allows him to help organizations and business leaders become more persuasive and more effective through what they say and how they behave. Alongside representing the Influence Association as the founder and CEO of the author of the chart-topping book Effective Influence, Duncan also runs several businesses and is a successful entrepreneur. critically Alongside this, he is an acclaimed ‘mentalist’ and is touted as one of the world’s leading authorities on influence, persuasion, high performance and navigating industry changes.  Duncan delivers leadership training, sales training, and keynote speaking to orgnaisations that aim to take teams from good to excellent or from excellent to market-leading through tough times.

Duncan holds an Honours degree in Business Management, served as an officer in the British Royal Navy, has coached business leaders as a trainer and held the position of senior manager for some globally recognised companies. You can learn more about Duncan here.

Duncan is internationally recognised as the premier authority on persuasion and high performance. All of his keynote presentations are bespoke, relevant, tailored to each audience and are highly memorable and motivating. Duncan is approachable, easy to work with and open to a discovery call if you want to find out more about hiring him as a speaker for your conference or sales kick-offs in Amman or Jordan. 

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Unique and MemorableDuncan is not just another motivational speaker in Amman.

Duncan incorporates some of this into his keynote so that your guests and delegates will be left engaged and entertained, making the content much more memorable and real. Of course, your team will engage much more readily and absorb much more content when it is fun.

You can also hire Duncan for your virtual event too, in response to the changing global times.

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“Wow! What a fantastic experience we had with Duncan both in the process of hiring him but also in his keynote presentation here in the middle east. He delivered so much value we can’t wait to collaborate with him again and all of our guests left with so much to inspire and motivate them!”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Amman:

Kempinski Convention Center, Abdul Hamid Shouman Street, Amman

Zara Expo & Auditorium, Astra Plaza, Al Hussein Bin Ali St 36, Amman

The Monarch Ballroom, Al Sawosana Al Sawoda Street – Abdali, Amman 11190

Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center, Al Hussein Bin Ali St, Amman 11118

Amman Exhibition Park, Airport Rd, Amman

General Information About The City:

The capital and largest city of Jordan, Amman is a modern city that blends ancient history with cutting-edge innovation. With a population of 4.1 million people. It accommodates over 50,000 expatriate workers from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Home to more than 40 embassies, it is one of the most peaceful cities in the world. it is a friendly city where modernity and history co-exist. Old and new Amman are connected by thousands of WiFi hotspots, which means wherever you go, you’re never far from the Internet + cellular signals are extremely reliable throughout the entire city. The city’s culture is influenced by its location in the Middle East. Amman has highly-rated hotels and restaurants, as well as an international airport. Some popular tourist destinations include the Roman Amphitheatre, The Citadel of Amman, and The Ummayad Palace. With the majestic snowcapped mountains as its backdrop, Amman weaves a rich tapestry of cultures and religions.

It’s a bright and fast-growing centre of trade and commerce that enjoys year-round sunshine. Several international financial institutions (IFIs) are represented in Amman through their foreign branches, including Standard Chartered, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Citibank, and Blom bank.

It is a city known for its abundant opportunities to explore culture and cuisine, while also providing plenty of historical landmarks and breathtaking natural wonders. Among its most notable landmarks are the castle at Ajloun towers, one of the region’s most strategically significant locations; Petra, one of the ancient world’s wonders; Quseir Amra, Azraq, also known as the desert castles; and the Roman Theater, a large and steeply raked structure capable of seating approximately 6,000 people. Amman ranks eighth among Arab countries in terms of tourism competitiveness as a result of these attractions.

Amman as a Conference and Events City:

Amman, Jordan, is a major hub for international conferences and conventions, including the International Conference on Medical Research and Development (ICMRD), a premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators involved in any aspect of the discovery, development, and implementation of biomedical research; the International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture (ICMSA), an important venue for researchers, educators, industry representatives, government agencies and NGOs involved in marine science and aquaculture to meet, and discuss their common interests; Virtual MFPRM Congress, a virtual congress summarizing the diagnosis and available treatments for patients with paratuberculosis; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference (IEC), a platform for speakers and panels of experts from all areas to share their experiences and insights with young bright minds in the region

Places To Eat in Amman as a Conference Attendee:

If you are a conference attendee in Amman, Jordan, a few local restaurants to try to include Rumors Lounge on Al Madina Al Monawara Street, which serves Italian, American, Steakhouse, Seafood, and Grill (+962 6 552 8822); Fakhr el-Din on Amman Governorate, which offers a wide range of fresh fish, homemade pizza and pasta dishes as well as a selection of grill and steak time favourites (+962 6 465 2399);

Sufra Restaurant on Al Rainbow St 26, is an exotic Mediterranean cuisine with authentic specialities from Italy, France, Morocco, Egypt and many more countries that are part of the Mediterranean region (+962 6 461 1468);

Bab al-Yemen on Ahmad AI-Tarawenah St is the best place the food lovers offering fresh-squeezed juices, stunning Arabic tea, and a wide selection of traditional Syrian dishes (+962 6 533 1880);

Rakwet Arab Cafe on Al-Baouneyah St, Packed with a variety of different menu options and boasts high-quality fresh ingredients used in all meals (+962 6 461 1559).

Amman Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

There are numerous highly-rated tourist attractions in Amman, Jordan that you can visit following your business conference, including Hercules Temple, an opportunity to amaze yourself with this eye-catching display, which features a humanizing portion of a nearly 12′ tall statue; Rainbow Street, a walking-only route that connects Rainbow Center to The Garden Mall, allowing pedestrians to explore Amman’s rich history; Wadi Rum, a true natural wonder comprising red sandstone mountain cliffs, breathtaking valleys and giant rock formations; the Dead Sea, a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the Palestinian territories to the west; Jerash (Gerasa), breathing piece of Jordan’s rich history that will take you straight to the tops attractions such as the impressive Temple of Artemis and the imposing Arch of Hadrian.