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Duncan Stevens is a motivational keynote speaker who delivers keynote speeches all over Athens and Greece. He is also an international speaker and shares his powerful content to clients and delegates from Frankfurt to Glasgow and from Guangzhou to Hamburg. His engaging and insightful keynote speeches will help you unlock your influence, persuasion and even your leadership skills and adapt to an ever-changing world all in keeping with your corporate identity.

An international keynote speaker specializing in influence, persuasion, change management and leadership, Duncan is highly passionate about delivering stage experiences that inspire, motivate and educate audience members and help them to change perspectives. Duncan uses his 10 years experience and experience as the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and best-selling author of the chart-topping book Effective Influence to deliver leadership training, sales coaching, or professional speaking to give clients and organisations the edge.

With a background as an Officer in British Royal Navy and serial entrepreneur, Duncan is now one of the world’s premier authorities on influence, persuasion, effectiveness and navigating industry changes. He uses these skills in his mentalism act as award-winning ‘mentalist’. It is this range of skills that help make his keynotes as humorous, as they are engaging that motivate attendees to take on frsh perspectives. It has resulted in him collaborating with teams and leaders to help them become market-leading or navigate through difficult economic times. You can find out more about Duncan Stevens here.

All of Duncan’s keynote speeches communicate his passion for the art of influence and high performance and are relevant, unique, memorable and motivating. He is an easy-to-work-with speaker and has delivered his keynote speeches all over Athens and Greece. 

Motivational Speaker Athens, Greece

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If yes, then Duncan has spent the last few years delivering highly interactive virtual keynotes to delegates all over Athens, Greece and Europe. If you are looking to bring your team together to be inspired, motivated and entertained virtually then schedule a discovery call with Duncan to see how he can help.

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The beauty of working with Duncan as an online keynote presenter for your corporate event or conference in Athens is that you are still assured of receiving receive the same high-quality content-rich presentation but at a fraction of the price.

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“Duncan delivered above and beyond both our expectations and the brief that was given to him and added so much value to our event! It was all tailored to our objectives and his approachable personality made him extremely likeable. Thank you Duncan!”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Athens:

Pscom Unified Communications Dim, Gounari 44, Elliniko 167 77

Hilton Athens, Vasilissis Sofias 46, Athina 115 28

Attalos Hall, Adrianou 52, Athina 105 55

Eleon – loft, Naftikou 17, Athina 104 47

Crowne Plaza Athens – City Centre, an IHG Hotel,  Michalakopoulou 50, Athina 115 28

General Information About The City:

Athens is the capital city of Greece; It has been the capital of Greece since 1834 when the nation was still a monarchy. Athens is located in the southern part of the country, near the Aegean Sea, and is less than 50 km (31 mi) from Turkey. Named after the ancient city-state of Athens, it is one of nine regions of Greece with a regional municipality. The city has a population of 3.7 million within the official municipality to over 5.2 million people in the greater Athens metropolitan area who live here year-round making.

If you are planning a business trip you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, dine at one of the amazing restaurants or scrutinize the countless historical sites. If you plan to take the family on vacation, there are plenty of green spaces for leisure walks, beaches with white sand, and crystal blue waters to swim in.  The city has magnificent historic locations, Orthodox churches, and Roman ruins that have influenced Western civilization. 

Athens offers a wide variety of hotels to suit any taste or budget, from luxury to affordable, depending on whether you prefer to be in the city or by the sea. Splendid views of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Campanile together with hotel amenities like business centres, gyms, and swimming pools allow visitors to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Athens.

The Acropolis and more than 2,400 other monuments and archaeological sites found all around the city create an atmosphere that remains synonymous with Greek history and culture.Needless to say, tourism plays a major role in the economy of Athens. So much so that it has earned the title of being one of Europe’s most visited cities.

Athens as a Conference and Events City:

Athens is a major hub for international conferences and conventions, including the 15th Annual International Conference on Global Studies, a conference providing  a unique opportunity for researchers from both the postgraduate and undergraduate level to present their research;

The International Conference on Natural Sciences and Humanities offers a platform for academics, scientists, and researchers from all over the world to present their latest findings, developments, achievements, and ideas in natural sciences and humanities;

Whilst the World Congress of Lymphology is a three-day congress focusing on the latest developments in the field of Lymphology.

The Conference of the IC is an international non-commercial association of educational institutes, professionals, and enthusiasts in the graphics industry;

Places To Eat in Athens as a Conference Attendee:

Athens is an international culinary hotspot and a few local restaurants to try include:

Vegan Beat Restaurant on Perikleous 56, a vegan eatery boasting authentic tastes, remarkable burgers, wraps, falafel, gyros with vegan tzatziki sauce (+30 21 0321 3009 ) which serves food that blends the cosmopolitan ingredients of fusion cuisine on Voulis 29B,

For a renowned Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, European, Neapolitan, Campania, Southern-Italian, Pizza ( +30 21 1182 1935);

Try the 5F Restaurant on Diocharous 31 which features a diverse menu of healthy Mediterranean fare and caters to dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-friendly options (+30 21 0722 4242 );

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar on Agatharchou 15 is the first Greek wine bar to offer Greek wines by 1/2 glass or full glass alongside its extensive wine list (+30 21 5501 7853);

The “Greek Creative Cuisine” on Taki 16, is another conference attendee favourite and you can book on (+30 21 0321 2858) ;

Athens Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

There are many highly-rated tourist attractions that you can visit after your business conference in Athens, Greece, including the Parthenon, which displays a private collection of ancient art and contemporary paintings.

The Pláka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods, listed among the most beautiful areas in Europe and housing the old neoclassical mansions, many occupied by celebrities.

The Ancient Agora is a well-preserved ruin of a once-thriving marketplace

The Roma Gallery, features a collection of elegant frames that honour the heritage by reinterpreting classic shapes and designs;

The Varkiza Resort Yabanaki Beach, a luxurious beach resort situated on a pine-covered hillside overlooking the sparkling white sandy beaches and clear waters.