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International keynote speaker Duncan Stevens is a renowned expert in influence, persuasion, sales, leadership and change management, who delivers keynotes around the world and Beirut. He has travelled from Madrid to Managua and from Manchester to Manila to help individuals and organisations unleash their influence abilities, navigate change more effectively, and lead with more success.

During the past 10 years, Duncan has been delivering his content-rich, engaging, motivational and fascinating keynote speeches and masterclasses to guests and audiences globally. With a degree focussed on Business Management and past experience as Royal Naval Officer in the British forces, Duncan’s background ranges from successful entrepreneur to best selling author and founder and CEO of the Influence Association. When all of this is wrapped together, Duncan delivers inspiring, contemporary keynotes to help take organisations from good to excellent or from excellent to market-leading through difficult times. You can discover more about Duncan Stevens here. 

Duncan Stevens can be engaged as an inspiring motivational speaker in Beirut. As a keynote speaker, he assists some of the industry’s most recognisable brands, teams and executives become more persuasive and more effective and readjust to global changes through what they say and how they act. Duncan is also an award-winning influence and persuasion mentalist and incorporates some of his persuasion show into his keynotes to keep it wholly entertaining. As an easy-to-work-with speaker, Duncan has presented at conferences and events globally and all throughout Beirut in Lebanon. 


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“What an engaging and incredibly useful session Duncan gave to us. He gave his 60 minute keynote here in Lebanon and everyone was in awe at both his professionalism and the high quality presentation he gave. We will certainly be using his services again. Thank you from all of us here!”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Beirut:

Crowne Plaza Beirut, an IHG Hotel, Hamra Main Street Beirut, 7512

Saint Porphyrios Center, VGRC+5WP, Beirut

Ras Beirut Cultural Center, VFWM+JHC, Beirut

Lahoud Conference Center – Misc, WHFM+5M5, Kfartay

Coral Beirut Al Hamra Hotel, Rue Baalback, Beirut

General Information About The City:

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast, Beirut is also the country’s largest and main financial centre with one of the biggest harbours. An independent municipality, Beirut is Lebanon’s largest and main seaport, handling approximately 60% of the nation’s total cargo traffic.

The name “Beirut” has risen from the Phoenician term “that describes a well-populated city-state”, by way of Classical Syriac: ܒܝܠܝܘܪ. There are several ‘major’ sights in Beirut, including the downtown area, which contains Rue Hamra, Beirut’s busy commercial street. The Corniche has a number of cafes that are popular evening spots for people to gather, drink coffee, smoke shisha, and watch passersby.

Other notable sights include the harbour itself along both sides of the city, particularly the Corniche Beirut promenade, which is alongside the Mediterranean sea. Beirut is currently experiencing rapid growth as an economic centre thanks to Lebanon’s other main ports of Latakia, Tripoli, and Jounieh. The economy of Lebanon recovered from the war, and flourished particularly in the 1990s, despite the political unrest of the Réné Moawad era. This is demonstrated by Beirut’s re-emergence as a financial hub for the Middle East. Beirut is home to over 6,000 international companies with 63 banks operating branches in Beirut.

Beirut as a Conference and Events City:

Beirut, Lebanon is a major hub for international conferences and conventions, including the International Conference on Medical & Health Science where world leaders in the field of Medical and Health Science come together;

The International Conference on Management provides a platform for researchers and academicians all over the world to share that years research whilst the International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology, provides a premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators;

The RAWMEC or Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition and Conference focuses on the current trends and themes within the recycling and waste management arena around the world.

Places To Eat in Beirut as a Conference Attendee:

As a conference attendee in Beirut, Lebanon you could try a few local restaurants including:

Baytna restaurant, on Barouk Rd (+961 3 841 456) which offers an assorted choice of Lebanese cuisine;

Abu Naim on Abdel Aziz St., serves tasty classics like chicken shwarma with flatbread, tabouleh with minced meat, kafta (+961 1 750 480) whilst T-Marbouta on Hamra Square is famous for its fresh Fattoush and variety of sandwiches (+961 1 350 274);

Loris Restaurant on Pasteur street serves a wide array of mezze dishes, kabashes, and shawarmas (+961 1 567 568) whilst Socrate Restaurant on Sidani Street, has a menu that includes signature dishes such as Shawarma, Kebab, Manakeesh (+961 1 846 646).

Beirut Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

As a conference delegate in Beirut, you are welcome to visit sights such as the Agial Art Gallery that houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions of local and international visual artists; The National Museum of Beirut, houses a collection covering archaeological findings, along with a collection of traditional Lebanese objects from everyday life;

The Hamra is an upmarket commercial and residential hub of Beirut, with trendy restaurants, designer fashion boutiques and is not to far from Zaituna Bay which is a three-tower, four-star hotel with views of the Mediterranean Sea and Beirut’s nightlife.