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Keynote speaker Belgrade. Duncan Stevens can be booked as an inspirational motivational speaker in Belgrade. As a professional keynote speaker, he helps some of the world’s most recognisable businesses, teams and executives become more persuasive and more effective and readjust to economic changes through what they say and how they act.

With over ten years of prior experience, Duncan has established himself as an in-demand an award-winning keynote speaker due to his content-rich, engaging, inspiring and humorous keynote speeches and masterclasses. He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and best-selling author of the best-selling book Effective Influence. He is a serial entrepreneur, critically acclaimed ‘mentalist’ and is considered as one of the world’s premier authorities on influence, persuasion, effectiveness and navigating industry changes. Duncan’s humorous, interactive and visual keynotes encourage delegates to adopt new perspectives. His collaboration with teams and leaders, whether it’s through leadership coaching, sales training, or speaking takes teams and individuals from pretty good to great or from exceptional to market-leading through challenging economic times.

Before Duncan became a keynote speaker, he earned an Honours degree in Business Management, served as an officer in the UK’s Royal Navy, was a business coach and trainer as well as a senior executive for some globally recognised companies.

With over 10 years of prior experience, Duncan is globally acknowledged as the leading authority on persuasion and effectiveness. Duncan is regularly commended as being an easy-to-work-with speaker and has delivered his speech at corporate events and sales kick-offs globally and all throughout Belgrade.

Motivational Speaker Belgrade, Serbia

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“Thank you for attending our event at such short notice. Your content was fantastic and all of our delegates are still talking about how much value you added to the conference. We especially loved your influence and persuasion demonstrations and look forward to working with you again – with more advanced planning this time!”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Belgrade:

Envoy conference Kongres Center, Gospodar-Jevremova 47, Beograd 11000

Model WTO Belgrade, Kamenička 6, Beograd 11000

Holiday Inn Belgrade, an IHG Hotel, Španskih boraca 74, Beograd 11070

Kombank dvorana, Dečanska 14, Beograd 11000

General Information About The City:

Belgrade is both the capital city and the most populous city in Serbia, with a population of around 1.35 million inhabitants. Belgrade features an abundance of natural, architectural, cultural, and entertainment attractions. It is known for its decades of tumultuous history. After World War I, it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and became the capital of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes until it became the capital of an Axis puppet state in 1941.

The Second World War saw Belgrade heavily bombarded by the Allies in 1944 which damaged most historical sites. After the war, Belgrade became the capital of Communist Yugoslavia until Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic revoked the city’s status in an effort to diminish nationalism in 2000.

Belgrade as a Conference and Events City:

Belgrade plays host to a number of conferences and conventions including The SmartArt Conference, which looks at the mutual connection and interaction of art and science in emerging fields of contemporary culture.

The International Conference of Applied Psychology is a conference that covers topics relating to Applied Psychology including clinical psychology, cognitive psychophysiology;

The International Meat Industry Conference brings delegates from around the world to discuss the Meat and Poultry industry.

Places To Eat in Belgrade as a Conference Attendee:

You have a wide selection of Eastern European restaurants in Belgrade, often with a heavy weighting on meat dishes. Restaurants in Belgrade include:

Trattoria Pepe (Gospodar Jovanova 33, Beograd 11000), is perfect for those who love Mediterranean and oriental food as well as for those who seek an exquisite taste of Italy(+381 11 3285295).

Little Bay on Dositejeva 9a, Beograd 11000, offers an unforgettable experience with its Mediterranean-style cuisine and attentive service (+381 11 3284163)

Manufaktura Restaurant Belgrade on Kralja Petra 13, Beograd 11000 is famed for tradtional Serbian dishes (+381 11 2180044);

SkyLounge Belgrade (Kralja Milana 35, Beograd 11000), is a popular haunt for grilled meats, fish, and seafood: lamb chops, chicken fillet with ham (+381 11 7555759).

Trattoria Campania on Kneza Sime Markovića 10, Beograd 11000 popular for culinary tradition that comes alive amid the energy of Roman artists, designers, architects, performers, photographers and artisans who are redefining contemporary taste (+381 11 3115531).

Belgrade Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

Belgrade in Serbia is not known for being a popular tourist destination but has something for everyone such as the Belgrade Fortress in the oldest part of the city. It was built by the great Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in around 535 AD; 

The Church of Saint Sava, a noteworthy religious site in its own right and a fascinating side trip; and the National Museum of Serbia houses a collection of over 300,000 exhibits and covers 11,000 years of Serbian history. Of course, there are many other beautiful churches and a rich Serbian culture that is perfect for exploring and immersing yourself in if the conference is lasting for a few days.