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Keynote speaker Bogota. Duncan Stevens is commonly hired as a Motivational Keynote Speaker in Bogota in Colombia. Duncan’s specialist areas include, influence, persuasion, sales and collaboration and is regularly hired as a motivational speaker in Bogota to unlock teams influencing and collaboration potential and show them how to influence more effectively more often.

With more than a decade of experience in the areas of  influence and sales, Duncan founded the Influence Association and authored the best-selling book Effective Influence. He is an award-winning ‘mentalist’, creative consultant and is widely regarded as among the world’s leading authorities on influence and persuasion. Duncan’s delivers highly visual, entertaining and engaging keynote speeches that are designed to inspire delegates to adopt a more global mindset whilst at the same time unlocking their influencing and collaborative potential. 

Duncan keynote speeches are content-rich, engaging, inspiring and humorous and alongside his masterclasses, take teams from average to amazing or from excellent to market-leading through challenging times. Prior to this,

Duncan has been an officer in the British Royal Navy, and senior manager for some internationally recognised brands. He is globally acknowledged as the premier authority on the subjects of influence and persuasion and the sales process and how we can leverage collaboration to become more agile and gain an edge over our competitors.

Motivational Speaker Bogota

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“Duncan came to our global management conference here in Bogota and delivered a superb 60 minutes keynote. It was highly engaging and full of content that our delegates could really apply to make a movement in the business. All of our delegates expressed their thanks and were full of excitement with what Duncan shared.”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Bogota

Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel, Cra. 18a ##100 41, Bogotá, Cundinamarca

Radisson Royal Bogota Hotel, Calle 113 # 7-65, Bogota

GHL Hotel Capital, Cl. 25B ##69 A – 50, Bogotá

Iguassu Golf Club & Resort, Diagonal 103 #80, Bogotá

Casa Dann Carlton, Cl. 93b ##19-44, Bogotá

Hotel La Fontana Estelar, Cl 127 ##15a10, Bogotá, Cundinamarca

Hotel Habitel Select, Calle 26, Bogotá

General Information About The City:

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia, as well as the largest city in the country. It is part of the Altiplano Cudiboyacense and is situated on a high plateau (the Bogota savannah) in the center of Columbia (in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes). Bogota is Columbia’s administrative, economic, political, industrial, cultural, artistic, and sporting capital, accounting for 56 percent of the country’s tourism. It is home to 1,434 multinational corporations and is becoming a popular meeting destination. It has 62 art galleries, 58 museums, 45 theaters, 33 libraries, more than 150 national monuments, and 75 attraction and sports parks. The urban morphology and typology of colonial buildings in Bogotá have been preserved since the late nineteenth century, long after Colombia gained independence (1810). UNESCO named Bogota the World Book Capital in 2007. Bogota is the first Latin American city to receive this honor, as well as the second in the Americas, following Montreal.

Bogota as a Conference and Events City:

There are various local restaurants that you should experience in Bogota. Some of them are; Castaña (+57 317 3752958), Osk Peru (+57 1 6318175), Pizza Candelaria (+57 1 2430682) offers some delicious pizzas, Sushi Bogotá ( +57 315 2265639), serves freshly caught fish, Japanese style whilst Prudencia (+57 1 3941678), has an initame and cosy feel to it. Discover the Factory Steak & Lobster Bogotá (+57 1 4863872) for your meat and fish desires.

Bogota Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

Following your business conference in Bogota, Colombia, there are several highly-rated tourist attractions to visit. The most well-known is Bogota’s historic district, La Candelaria, where you can marvel at the stunning colonial architecture and a lovely emerald market. Bogota also has a vast number of fascinating museums., including Museo Botero, The Museo del Oro (the Museum of Gold), which contains a fantastic collection of gold objects from various centuries, and the Museo del Oro (the Museum of Art), which accommodates over 3,000 artworks dating from the 16th century onwards. The Botanical Garden of Bogota is Colombia’s largest of its kind, bringing visitors closer to nature. 

Other tourist attractions in Bogotá include Monserrate, El Chicó, and Usaquén, which are considered some of the best places to visit in Colombia’s capital because they welcome both locals and visitors. You can also visit one of Bogota’s parks, such as the National Park, 93rd Street Park, or Simón Bolvar Park. Bogota is the melting pot of Colombia. All of the country’s cultures are represented here, from the Coffee Triangle’s cuisine to the exhilaration and joy of the Caribbean, or the artisanal heritage of Boyaca and the Valle de Cauca Festival. Bogota brings the best of Colombia together, and as a result, it should be at the top of your travel itinerary.