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Global keynote speaker, Duncan Stevens is a leading expert in influence, persuasion, effectiveness and navigating change. Duncan Stevens can be booked as an inspiring motivational speaker in Muscat in Oman. As a keynote speaker, he helps several of the industry’s most recognisable businesses, teams and executives become more persuasive and more effective and adapt to economic changes through what they say and how they act.

With many years of expertise, Duncan has certainly himself as an in-demand and easy-to-work-with keynote speaker due to his content-rich, engaging, motivating and humorous keynote speeches and masterclasses. He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and best-selling author of the chart-topping book Effective Influence. He is a successful entrepreneur, critically acclaimed ‘mentalist’. Duncan’s humorous, content-rich and visual keynote presentations motivate attendees to embrace new perspectives. His work takes him around the world from Riyadh to Rome and from Rotterdam to San Antonio and whether it’s through leadership coaching, sales training, or speaking takes teams and individuals from okay to excellent or from exceptional to market-leading through tough economic times.

Before Duncan become a keynote speaker, he secured an Honours degree in Business Management, served as an officer in the British Royal Navy, was a business coach and trainer as well as a senior executive for some internationally recognised businesses. With over a decade of prior experience, Duncan is globally recognised as the premier authority on the subjects of influence and high performance. All of his keynote presentations are relevant, tailored to each audience, memorable and inspiring. Duncan is often acknowledged as an easy-to-work-with keynote speaker and has presented at conferences and events worldwide and all throughout Muscat and Oman. 

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“We have hosted quite a few keynote speakers here in Oman so wanted someone who our guests from Muscat had not seen before. We were fortuntae enough to secure the services of Duncan Stevens and he didn’t disappoint. Extremely professional and fun to work with, Duncan delivered above and beyond our expectations!”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Muscat

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, OM, Al Jissah St, Muscat 100

Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, Muscat 100

City Center Hotel, Muscat-St Sultan Qabus, Muscat 111

Al Manaf Hotel Suites, 167 Ghala, Muscat, Oman Muscat, 111

Hotel Golden Oasis, OM Indian School, Al Wada Al Kabir St, 117

General Information About The City:

Muscat is the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman; which sits on the southeastern tip of the Arabian peninsula, which is bordered by Saudi Arabia along most of its north, Yemen to the south-west, and the UAE which is driving distance from the city in the north-east, for those wishing to take a day trip to Dubai. Nestled between the Central Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman, Muscat has traditionally been a port of sanctuary at various points in its history to many cultures including the Persians, the Portuguese Empire, the Iberian Union and the Ottoman Empire, as well as various indigenous tribes. Today, Muscat is considered a global beta city and has seen extensive infrastructural development which has led to the growth of a vibrant international economy and multi-ethnic society.

Muscat as a Conference and Events City:

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes the fusion of ancient Arabian and colonial European architecture, along with their modern development makes Muscat a dream for tourists to explore. Its location however lends the city to extremely long and hot-humid summers, which can be challenging for certain conference delegates; the winter is generally warm though however there is rainfall — mostly from December to April. You should be aware that cyclones can also occur and usually originate in tropical systems of the Arabian Sea. Additionally, the nation of Oman has a long tradition of ship-building, so the economy and tourism industry are generally focused around the ocean.

Places To Eat in Muscat as a Conference Attendee:

Most of the best restaurants in Muscat are situated on the north coast of the city, however, there are a few on the east point towards Bandar Jissah, the highlight of which is The Pavilion at An Huzzah St, where you can have a fine-dining seafood café experience with amazing views of the oceanic national park (+968 24 764444); for the more relaxed wholesome fair the Farzi Cafe Oman at 166 Shatti Al Qurum offers a relaxed modern atmosphere (+968 9794 0104); if you are after a true middle eastern experience, the elegant yet modern Al Angham Oman at the Royal Opera House, 463 Al Kharjiyah St, has delicious traditional dishes (+968 22 077777); and those looking for a funky and stylish sushi experience the Theatrum Restaurant on Al Maardih Street has a relaxed and cosy vibe (+968 24 511874); should you want something spicier though the Bukhara Restaurant at Street 6, offers a wonderful shared dining experience served in a comfortably stylish yet traditional setting (+968 24 985000).

Muscat Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

Beyond the obvious days out on the ocean or time at the beach, Muscat also boasts numerous museums the highlights include the National Museum of Oman, the Museum of Omani Heritage, along with the Omani Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre. They also have an Opera house worth checking out as well as a prestigious Oman Avenues Mall, which is a mecca for high-quality garments, although the main shopping district is situated in Al Qurum and has loads of explore. Visitors are also encouraged to visit Old Muscat city tourist centre and the Old Palace buildings while sight-seeing.