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If you are looking for an inspirational motivational speaker in Reykjavik, Duncan Stevens can help. As a keynote speaker, he assists many of the world’s most recognisable organizations, teams and business leaders become more influential and more effective and adapt to change through what they say and how they act.

With over 10 years of prior experience, Duncan has established himself as a sought-after inspirational keynote speaker due to his content-rich, highly engaging, inspiring and engaging keynote presentations and masterclasses. He is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and author of the best-selling book Effective Influence. He is a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning ‘mentalist’ and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on influence, persuasion, effectiveness and adapting to economic change. Duncan’s entertaining, interactive and highly visual keynote presentations inspire attendees to take on different perspectives.

His work, whether it’s through leadership coaching, sales training, or motivational speaking takes teams from pretty good to great or from excellent to market-leading through difficult times. Before Duncan became a keynote speaker, he gained an Honours degree in Business Management, served as an officer in the British Royal Navy, was a business coach and trainer as well as a senior executive for some globally recognised businesses.

With over 10 years of prior experience, Duncan is globally recognised as the premier authority on influence and performance. He is widely regarded as an easy-to-work-with keynote speaker and has presented at conferences and events globally and all throughout Reykjavik and all of Iceland.

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“We have hired Duncan a couple of times now and like a fine wine just keeps getting better and better. We have enjoyed both his masterclass sessions and his keynote presentation. Both were incredibly interactive and memorable and we look forward to working with him closely again.”


Conference Centres and Event Venues in Reykjavik, Iceland:

Harpa Conference Centre, Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík

Blu Saga Conference Centre at Radisson Hotel, 101 Reykjavik

1919 Hotel Conference Centre, Pósthússtræti 2, 101 Reykjavík

Nordica Conference Centre, Suðurlandsbraut 2, 108 Reykjavík

Marina Conference Centre, Icelandair, Mýrargata 2, 101 Reykjavík

Natura Conference Centre, Nauthólsvegur 52, 101 Reykjavík

General Information About The City:

Reykjavik is among the greenest, and safest cities in the world – it has grown steadily over the past few decades; and has now transformed into a regional and international centre of commerce. Today this northernmost capital of a sovereign state on the planet is a popular tourist destination, attracting people with its cultural heritage as well as a vibrant nightlife and live music scene pioneered by the likes of Björk, and Sigur Rós; along with its numerous glacial volcanic geo-thermal hot spring swimming pools.

Reykjavik as a Conference and Events City:

The city hosts various international conferences around the year mostly focusing on focusing on scientific research and the natural environment, most notably is The Reykjavik Conference on Geothermal Energy; along with various other Nordic issue regional conventions. It’s also worth noting that even with its proximity to the Arctic Circle, strong moderation by the Atlantic Ocean allows for relatively mild winters, and cool summers filled with sunshine – although some rain does fall every now and then.

Places To Eat in Reykjavik as a Conference Attendee:

Even though Reykjavik is a relatively small city there are plenty of high-quality eateries to choose from; although one of the best is Kol Restaurant at Skólavörðustígur 40, with their elegant yet casual décor and bistro-style cuisine (+354 517 7474); if you’re looking for some authentic Icelandic seafood then the Fish Company at Vesturgata 2a, offers plush Nordic décor and creative dishes (+354 552 5300); or those wanting fresh wholesome cuisine can make a reservation for Matarkjallarinn The Foodcellar at Aðalstræti 2, and enjoy their comfortably stylish art-décor interiors (+354 558 0000), and if you’re looking for a relaxed vibe with great wines and hearty traditional meals then Krost at Laugavegur 107 is definitely worth a visit on your trip (+354 519 7755); otherwise for a healthy light lunch or locally sourced seasonal dinner then the laid-back family vibe and friendly atmosphere at Old Iceland Laugavegur 72, is highly rated (+354 551 6131).

Reykjavik Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

The most well-known attraction in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon geothermal hot springs which are renowned for their healing properties; although there are dozens of smaller pools for conference delegates to enjoy. You’ll also be able to take in one of the many live music shows which happen at venues all over the city from the Icelandic Opera and the National Theatre of Iceland to the Harpa Concert Hall for more contemporary music. Otherwise, those wanting to experience more of the cultural side of things can head to Safnahúsið – the Culture House of Reykjavik which was opened in 1909 and is the home to numerous important national exhibits, as well as the Árbæjarsafn Reykjavík Open Air Museum. The city also hosts some high-quality boutique shops, primarily at Kringlan as well as in the Austurvöllur central park in an area that is surrounded by restaurants; or if you’d just like to get out into nature then the Reykjavík Botanic Garden is recommended.