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Keynote speaker Dubai. Duncan Stevens has been inspiring audiences all over the Middle East and United Arab Emirates for over a decade. Whether he is hired to speak at conferences or private events, Duncan helps teams and leaders unlock their full potential through his inspiring high-performance leadership talk, influence and persuasion talks or Collaboration presentations. 

Duncan has been presenting his talks as a professional motivational speaker in Dubai for the last 10 years and has seen an exciting growth in the Middle East. It is important for orgnanisations to keep pace with the changing world indicative of the fast past Dubai is growing. Duncan takes great pride in making his keynotes not only inspiring and entertaining but full of actionable takeaways that delegates can  immediately apply and employ to move the needle on their performances.

Duncan’s background compliments his speaking skillset and is the found and CEO of the Influence association as well as the acclaimed author of the International best-selling book – Effective Influence. Alongside this he has built a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on high-performance psychology and mind-sets that have been translated into teams being able to influence and persuade more consistently, collaborate more productively and lead their teams at a higher level.   

Duncan’s keynotes are highly visual, engaging and humorous which inspire delegates to embrace new perspectives especially through times of turbulence or change.

You can find out more about Duncan here.

Alongside his engaging and content-packed keynotes, Duncan prides himself on being an easy-to-work-with speaker and has presented his keynote speech at conferences,  sales kick-offs, and private functions all over the world and most notably in the Middle East and Dubai. 


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Duncan is one of the most in demand keynote speakers in Dubai. At times he’s booked up years in advance are more often months in advance, and as a result, can have extremely limited availability. If you wanted to check a date, check availability, or check how Duncan can help serve you and your team and help make your conference or event amazing, then get in touch with Duncan now to learn more.


Motivational speaker Dubai

Motivational Speaker Dubai

Hiring Duncan Stevens as an motivational speaker could be the perfect solution to inspire and engage you audience. 

Duncan’s motivational speech is the perfect choice if you are looking for either 30, 60 or 90 minutes of engagement, actionable content or inspiration to get everyone focussed on the job in hand.

You can learn more about Duncan’s speech and watch his showreel below:


Collaboration Speaker Dubai

Collaboration Speaker Dubai

Securing Duncan Stevens as a collaboration speaker in Dubai, is the perfect way to unlock your teams collaborative potential and overcome unity and silo difficulties.

If you’re looking to build collaborative relationships both internally and externally of your organization.

Clients often hire Duncan to deliver either a 30, 60 or 90 minute keynote for their teams and leader and are all tailored to your needs.

As with all of Duncan’s keynotes, and workshops there’s lots of audience participation where teams and leaders are guaranteed to be left with actionable strategies they can apply and employ. 

Leadership speaker Dubai

Leadership keynote speaker Dubai

Duncan’s One Question, Leadership Keynote is proving hugely popular for teams and organizations to elevate their leadership potential. As a leadership speaker Dubai, many leading organizations based in the United Arab Emirates or organizations holding their conferences in Dubai, or choosing Duncan to speak to their teams and leaders to help them reach their potential. His one question leadership keynote is perfect for established leaders, newly promoted leaders and organizations looking to excel.

Duncan’s Keynote speech will leave your leaders with new perspectives new data stewards and new mindsets to encourage them to review what it is to be a high performance leader and to get the most out of their teams and themselves and become students of leadership. 


Some of the Conference and Convention Centres in Dubai:

Dubai has already established itself on the Global stage as a destination for some of the world’s leading summits and conferences. Duncan has enjoyed helping many brands, companies, teams and leaders become more persuasive and effective and inspiring them through periods of change. Below are a few venues that Duncan has either spoken at or are known for their superb quality, service and prestigious standing in the world of events and conferences in Dubai:

Dubai World Trade Center Tower – Sheikh Rashid Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Zaabeel Convention Centre Entrance, 2nd Za’abeel Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Keynote speaker Dubai
Dubai Beach Front Image
Keynote speaker Dubai

General Information About The City:

As the capital city of the United Arab Emirates Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis and a major international tourism center that has a huge focus on hospitality services. Originally established as a small fishing village in 1700, today it is the most populous city in the UAE as well as having the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, which is massive 828 metres tall. Dubai is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf close to where the Arabian peninsula meets the Indian Ocean, and whose trade relies on relies on revenues from trade, tourism, real estate, and financial services.

It boasts one of the busiest airports in the world but prides itself on ensuring it’s visitors clear customs in just 5 minutes. 

When you arrive in Dubai you’ll often be gifted a sim card to use in the UAE, but it’s worth remembering that whatsapp calls are not allows in Dubai. Getting around is very easy and if you don’t have a driver to pick you up then its well worth using the metro. Dubai’s metro system is the largest driverless train system in the world. The Red Line starts at Rashidiya Station which is located just to the south of Dubai International Airport. The end of the line finishes in the south-west of the city at the UAE Exchange.

Dubai as a Conference and Events City:

There are hundreds of international conventions and conferences for you to consider while planning your trip. Most commonly, organizations use Dubai as a meeting hub for all of their international teams and clients. 

If you’re looking to invest in regional products you could visit the Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo – Dubai and equally the International Real Estate Expo is a popular draw form many real estate brokers in and around the middle east.

As you can imagine in the middle east playground, they’re are also a wide range of fashion-based conferences for you to visit including the International Apparel & Textile Fair and International Fashion Week Dubai.

Other than that, if you are looking for more professional services conferences you could try the Dubai Design Week, the annual Downtown Design in Dubai or the International Photography Festival.

Dining out in Dubai:

Dubai is touted as one of the worlds busiest international tourism destinations there are plenty of of high quality eateries for you to enjoy while here. One of the the best is Trèsind Dubai at 2 Sheikh Zayed Road. Here they they offer a sophisticated fine dining experience and upscale Indian dishes. You can contact them on +971 4 308 0440; 

Iff you’d prefer something even more elegant for your night out then Rhodes W1 at Grosvenor House Dubai, has British-inspired plates and high-end modern decor (+971 4 317 6000)

Those looking for a relaxed light lunch can head to the LPM Restaurant & Bar at Gate Village, for stylish French cafe cuisine and a friendly vibe (+971 4 439 0505) otherwise you could always make a reservation for Gaia Dubai Restaurant at the Trade Centre, where they have a laid-back lounge-style atmosphere and a global fusion of Mediterranean dishes (+971 4 241 4242)

Finally there is Maiden Shanghai at No 1 Palm, if you’d like to have your tastebuds tickled by some more contemporary Chinese plates served in a sleek dining room or patio area with great views of the city (+971 4 455 9989).

Whatever you choose, you can’t go far wrong in Dubai. the chefs are sourced from around the world and the standard is at the very highest. Unlike other cities where it is often popular to eat outside of the hotel, in Dubai, hotels now offer some of the best food, cuisines and hospitality not just in Dubai or the Middle East but in the world. 

Dubai Sights and Attractions for Conference Delegates:

Although most places here have air-conditioning its worth noting that the weather in Dubai is usually very hot all year round, however, there are many interesting sights to see when you arrive in Dubai including some classic Arabian architecture. However, Dubai showcases its modern buildings and structures far more. Places such as Dubai Miracle Garden which the world’s largest flower garden, or The World Islands are very popular. There are also a number of beautiful man-made beaches as well as theme parks and retail centers which support Dubai’s claim as the  “Shopping capital of the Middle East”.

More recent attractions to Dubai’s ever growing list of things to do include the Museum of The Future. This is an interactive museum and conference space for all the family. Priced at a little over $40 per person at the time of writing, this is a venue you may consider even just seeing the outside as it’s quite magnificent. Other building of note include the Burj Khalifa, Cayan Tower which features a twist in its structure, and the Dubai Frame which holds the record for being the largest man-made frame in the world. 

To find out about hiring Duncan as a keynote speaker Dubai or motivational speaker Dubai, then get in touch using the button below.

Frequently asked questions before hiring a professional keynote speaker:

If you’re considering hiring Duncan as a keynote speaker Dubai for your conference or event, feel free to browse his YouTube channel where he’s produced a number of videos focusing on influence, persuasion, leadership, and collaboration. He’s also has a number of show reels on his website. You can also get in contact with him directly, where he can send you some extended showreels of some of his work. 

Of course, you’ll only be seeing his work through a screen which is not always as powerful when you have the in person experience where your audience can participate and interact at their fullest. Duncan is also more than happy to connect with you or your team, or the decision makers on Zoom, or on MS Teams to discuss more about your event, and speak about your specific challenges to get a flavour for you to see if he is the right keynote speaker for you and your event and your team.

Cost of hiring a quality paid professional keynote speaker in Dubai can vary dramatically. Some amateur keynote speakers may speak for free, or they may speak for very small amounts, but often a client’s decision is dependent on their budget and requirements. If you looking to hire a low priced keynote speaker, their depth of knowledge on a particular subject might be lower than someone more more experience and professionalism. From a stage perspective, a less experienced speaker may not have the experience of speaking in front of certain size audiences or they may not be as confident on the stage. Additionally they may not have as well rounded content and delivery may not be as structured. 

Other factors to consider include the fact that if you choose to hire a cheaper speaker, you may need to question their level of reliability and their credentials that they come with. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker with a wealth of experience and a genuine thought leadership in their chosen area of expertise, then prepared be prepared to pay slightly more. That way you can be guaranteed that your keynote speaker is highly reliable, and their background should be littered with reviews and credentials to help support your decision making process and ultimately helping make your conference is a success and you be congratulated with hiring such a fantastic keynote speaker.


If you are not retrained by budget, I think it’s still important to consider the outcomes of your conference. Inviting somebody like Barack Obama, Boris Johnson, or a famous celebrity may look good on the bill, but is it going to have the return on investment that you might want or need for keynote speaker. Professional keynote speakers who are focused on the keynote speaking element where content is as just as important as inspiration often speak at events where they can find a real return on investment. 

This means that you know that you and your team will be leaving with actionable takeaways that can help move the needle on their performance and experience a real tangible return on your investment. Often the more experienced the keynote speaker, the more depth of actionable takeaways you will receive. Speakers of this calibre often have experience working in organizations or would have worked with similar organizations that have performed at a high level and as a result have a wealth of experience and insights they can share with you. 

If, however, you are just looking for someone to motivate your team, and get them inspired for the New Year, new quarter, or the new financial year, then a motivational speaker with a few nice stories and inspiring presentations may be more suitable. 

Prices vary for speakers depending on their level of fame, their credentials, whether they’ve written a book, whether they’ve been on TV, whether they’ve achieved anything of note, but more often than that, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve from your speaker at your conference. It also worth mentioning that price doesn’t always determine quality and there are often some very good speakers who can deliver extremely fantastic content and not charge a huge amount of money. 

Often there is a higher price placed on some speakers because they are in such high demand that having a slightly higher price allows them to reserve the time that they do have for those clients who are prepared to pay more may have more attendees or may have more speaking budget, or they simply may have more of desire for achieving particular outcomes.

The simple answer is “No”. There are some speakers who are part of a National Speakers Association or Asian speakers Association. And there are a number of chapters all around the world. However, as with many industries this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be getting a good or fantastic Keynote speaker just because they have an accreditation.

Having an accreditation can sometimes mean that they are dedicated to keynote speaking and they are always looking to advance their abilities but it is not a stamp of approval. There are some very good Keynote speakers who do not form part of a speaking Association.

But equally so there were some very poor speakers in terms of quality, who are part of speaking associations who enjoy the learning more than they do the delivery. So an accreditation isn’t necessary. It’s worth considering, it’s worth asking. But the best thing you can do is get recommendations from other bureaus from other organizations that have used them in the past, or see some of their videos or read some testimonials on LinkedIn.

All keynote speakers have different cancellation policies. They should usually be in their payment terms when you sign the contract. Most professional keynote speakers take a small deposit, some take half, some take a full amount, whatever the deposit terms are, it’s worth considering what they have to pay or you have to pay if they cancel the deposit if they cancel the booking.

These terms and conditions should be shared with you before you sign any contract and if unsure, do please ask the Keynote speaker you’re looking to engage services with contracts essentially help both parties feel protected from any cancellation. And if the keynote speaker cancels, it’s their responsibility to find a suitable replacement and if not, we’ll hopefully refund you your deposit. Certainly in Duncan’s case, he will.

As mentioned earlier, the price, fee, cost or investment for a keynote speaker can vary dramatically. Ultimately, their credentials mean nothing unless they can deliver on the day and you can only truly know whether they’re going to deliver on the day is on the day.

But you can do your planning and preparation in advance. One of the best ways of ensuring that you’re getting the correct keynote speaker at your event is by searching for reviews. One of the best places that people leave reviews is on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to learn more about Duncan, you can see some of his reviews on his LinkedIn profile by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Check that they have up to date reviews as well. Some keynote speakers may have had a couple of reviews from a few years ago, but haven’t done any keynote speaking since. You can always ask around and get reviews from other colleagues and other people working in the industry. But reviews are often a great source of reliability. That said, it is still worth checking that all the reviews are authentic.

Video reviews are difficult to get at conferences as serving the client should be the sole focus of a professional keynote speaker. However LinkedIn review showcase that the particular reviewer has the appropriate credentials and works for a specific company and has heard and hired the keynote speaker before.

Yes, is the easy answer. In Duncan’s case, he has a range of different videos. Sometimes, it can be a concern for a keynote speaker to share his keynote speech on the internet or in a public forum because there are some people who may choose to copy their content.

Others may choose to use their keynotes they have recorded to form part of their training packages. As a result, many keynote speakers are understandably reluctant to put their full keynotes online.

That said, if you are interested in learning more, or seeing more of Duncan’s keynote speeches, please contact him directly, and he will be more than happy to share them with you or your decision-making team.

That said, Duncan does share videos on Instagram, on LinkedIn and on his YouTube page. If you search for Duncan Stevens official, or words to that effect, you will be able to find most insights into Duncan’s speaking.

Watching videos can be a great way to see if the keynote speaker is the right fit for your conference or event in Dubai, however, always be careful of creative editing. Some keynote speakers can create showreels and videos, which use outdated videos and clever graphics that make their keynote, looks amazing but it is just the edited highlights.

The more videos that somebody has, the better it is to get an idea as to the real content that they’ll be sharing on the day. Nothing beats meeting in person but sometimes this is difficult with the keynote speaker as they are traveling internationally as Duncan is. Duncan always likes to speak with clients over the phone and even better – online, either zoom, or teams if you are able to meet on Zoom or teams, it’s something Duncan encourages and loves to do, because it really helps him to understand how he can support you event and helps you understand if Duncan or the appropriate Keynote speaker is the right fit for your event.

Having a strong social media presence isn’t important, but is becomingly increasingly important, as clients see this as a certain standing of ability. That said, simply because somebody has 1000s of followers doesn’t automatically mean that they are a fantastic keynote speaker. It’s well worth looking at their social media profiles to see the engagement rates. This also gives you an understanding as to other people who have enjoyed their work and it gives you a flavour for some of their work as well.

It also gives you an insight into the kind of personality they have. That said, there’s nothing better than seeing or meeting them in person.

However keynote speeches are delivered to organisations behind closed doors and not open to the public so the recommendations from others is always beneficial as are the comments that people make on posts as these too can help guide your decision making process.

The National Speakers Association is perhaps one of the most prestigious and well known speaking associations in the world is based in America. And it has 1000s of chapters and 1000s of members. That said, being a member of the National Speakers Association doesn’t automatically mean that they are a good speaker, it means they’ve paid to join the association and is an opportunity for them to learn their skills and refine their skills if they choose to implement the teachings that other members make.

Being part of the National Speakers Association shouldn’t help sway your decision as to whether they are the correct fit for your event but is another element that can contribute to paint a bigger picture of their credentials, and whether they will achieve the result you want them to at your conference or event in Dubai.

Most keynote speakers provide a tech rider before an event. This is a list of technical requirements to help them do their job. For many Keynote speakers, this is lengthy and quite extensive. But for many keynote speakers, this should be very simple and straightforward.

They should just be some direction as to how the stage should be laid out whether they prefer or don’t prefer having a podium, what kind of microphone they would like, how they would like the audience to be sat, what kind of lighting and if they can provide a bottle of water, or two.

Duncan always likes to arrive at his events early to spend some time shake the hands of the AV team, get a sound check in, do a quick rehearsal and understand the layout of the room so that he can feel confident in delivering a fantastic presentation, the AV team can feel confident that they can support Duncan on the day and you know that your event is executed as well as it can be. Duncan also aims to send his slide deck over early so this can be incorporated into the larger longer slide deck that the AV team can upload accordingly for the event itself.

Well, the parts that have been mentioned above all contribute to the success of your event or conference. However, it’s worth also considering the conference venue and whether it has enough room for the number of guests or delegates that you will be inviting has it got the catering facilities, has it got the hotel accommodation nearby available, has it got accessibility for the AV team, has it got the staging and the lighting? These are all requirements or suggestions or considerations that may be needed to take into account when putting on an event in Dubai.

It may also be worth considering whether to use the services of local or international event teams as they can have different ways of setting up the stage, different ways of setting up the sound and different working practices. It may also be worth considering if you are having other forms of entertainment to complement your event as well. Sometimes conferences like to be supported with evenings out or a band or drinks reception and all other forms of entertainment that will support the event as well.

It may also be worth considering the food, the timeframes or calendar to be distributed packs for the delegates, lanyards, and all of the other requirements such as picking up delegates from the airport and the transportation needs.

Duncan finished working in traditional mainstream employment many years ago where he spent time working as an officer in the Royal Navy. He also spent time on a couple of very prestigious Retail Management course in some of the most recognizable organizations in the UK.  Since then, he’s had a significant amount of time in coaching roles and leadership roles around the UK.

Following that he’s lived and worked internationally. Having spent four years in Japan, and as subsequently developed a mentalism act, which involves influencing and persuading audience members under the umbrella of entertainment, he has toured the world with this. Having had many calls for him to share some of the secrets behind his influence and persuasion techniques, and how these could be used in organizations, Duncan spent time carefully curating a keynote speech; Effective Influence where he drew on his experiences, influencing and persuading people under the umbrella of entertainment, and his experience working in management, leadership, and working with high-performing leaders and teams around the world.

He then collated all of this information and research and spent time working with voice coaches and performance coaches to develop his first keynote speech Effective Influence.

Since then, having worked with high performance teams and organizations around the world, Duncan has developed his obsession and passion with behavioral psychology and has moved more into performance coaching and helps teams and leaders become higher performing in their approach to their leadership or collaboration abilities.

Since then, he’s created a couple more bespoke keynotes, focussing on collaboration and high performance leadership. Each of these whether it’s Effective Influence, One Question Leadership, Keynote, or Duncan’s Collaboration keynote, or Creativity keynote, Duncan always tailors his content to his clients.

Having spoken for hundreds of clients all over the world, in hundreds of different industries and organizations, Duncan has had the good fortune, and luxury to spend time with some of the highest performing leaders in the world. He genuinely believes that success leaves clues and if you follow the clues, you too can be successful. So he’s followed those clues and he’s distilled all these clues down to create some of the most powerful, actionable takeaways that you and your team can employ and benefit from.

So don’t see Duncan just as a partner, seeing him as an investment in your organization and an investment in your team, where you will get high returns of investment.

Alongside keynote speaking, Duncan is an avid traveller, loves to cook, loves to exercise, and is an avid reader. He’s also an entrepreneur and runs a number of successful businesses, and is the author of Effective Influence, a best-selling influence book, and the founder of the Influence Association, where he regularly conducts influence-based psychological experiments to support his keynote speeches to provide cutting up-to-date information and insights into the world of influence and psychology.

Duncan strives to make all of his clients as satisfied as possible, and spends as much time as needed to understand their needs, their goals and their challenges, and create keynotes which can really move the needle on their bottom line and help give them a huge return on investment. Now he is a highly popular keynote speaker Dubai. 

Well, if you’ve been searching for a keynote speaker in Dubai, then Duncan Stevens is the person for you, so give him a call straightaway and he’ll give you a call back or organize a zoom or teams call where he can learn more about your challenges and goals for your conference. He’ll also share a proposal with some suggestions, some outcomes of his keynote, his fees and check his availability as well.

As a keynote speaker Dubai, Duncan speaks all over the Middle East, so it’s difficult to be specific to the areas his has spoken in but here are a few:

The Deer area is one of the oldest communities in Dubai. Here you can find the gold market there where you can all find all kinds of gold jewellery and accessories from around the region. Not only that but it’s also host to a number five star hotels, bars and swanky event venues.

If you’re looking to be entertained after your conference, you could go for the Deira City Center which has a number of retail and entertainment and dining options. It’s also where Dubai International Airport is based.

The Burj Dubai is a popular part of town but often really congested with cars and it’s got a high number of expats and local middle east residents. It’s most populus nationality is specifically the Indian and it’s here you will find the Dubai Museum as well as a massive array of textile markets and a number of consulates, a number of hotels.

Whilst there are not many conferences held downtown Dubai it is home to the the Burj Khalifa there and the Dubai Mall.

The Karama is next to Sheikh Zayed Road, which is close to Dubai Creek and hosts large communities of South Asians, Iranians, Lebanese, Filipino and European countries. So Bo Park is in between the World Trade Center and Karama and features a really beautiful lake there which offers boat rides and water sports as well as a whole range of eateries  serving Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, and Sri Lankan cuisine.

Duncan recently stayed at Caesars Hotel in the Dubai Marina. This is a beautiful hotel that is located on Sheikh Zayed road, and is really close to the commercial and business centers of Dubai.

Dubai Marina also has a large number of high end cafes, restaurants, and high end clothing shops as well and is also home some of the world’s tallest luxury apartment buildings as well. This posh and expensive area caters to the retail, dining and entertainment needs of all of the residents and people who come to attend conferences. A number of five star hotels also are here as well.

Jumeirah Beach residence is another popular and highly sought after area. The large, upscale community offers 40 tall towers.

Finally, Jumeirah Lake Towers is near an artificial lakes and it’s made up of 79 towers that range from 35 to 50 floors.

Finally the Dubai International Finance Center occasionally hosts conference and events. This is the financial hub of the Middle East and is known as the Dubai International Financial Center where the Dubai World Trade Center and the Burj Khalifa are housed.

Other places in Dubai which are worth a mention include Emirates Hills, Arabia Ranches and the Meadows and Jumeirah golf estates and the Business Bay and Dubai land.

There’s a lot of beautiful places where Duncan has spoken mainly in the centre of Dubai, often near the main hotels because these hold the largest conference centers and events,  and can hold the largest number of people in an indoor space. Wherever it is, Duncan or a member of his team, will try their hardest to help you execute an amazing event.

Duncan has been fortunate enough to speak in a number of venues in Dubai. Some of his favorites include the Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Center, the Conference Hall Dubai, and the Madinat Jumeirah conference center. He’s also spoken in the great ballroom for Thailand, and Jojoba Terrace. His recent conference was at Caesars forum but speaks all over United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Duncan can be hired as a keynote speaker Dubai or motivational speaker throughout the UAE.

With Dubai being such a popular destination for conferences and events, there are of course a number of keynote speakers and motivational speakers in Dubai and the United Emirates to choose from.

Duncan offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, which he emphasizes in being an easy to work with speaker and delivers all of his work through a high degree of professionalism, punctuality, reliability, and his ability to mix those three crucial ingredients which are so rare to find: These are inspiration, education, and entertainment. But it’s not just keynote speaking where Duncan excels. Duncan has also spent time touring parts of the United Arab Emirates with his mentalism show and its part of this which he uses to add the entertainment factor to his keynote, w hang the bigger message of the keynote on to make it really memorable and stand out from all the others you may have experienced. 

You can watch some of these snippets on some of his show videos that are shared on his YouTube video, or on this website.

To put it into context, Duncan usually bookends his keynote with a five minute mentalism piece at the start or the end, dependent on the time to really break down barriers and get people interested in what he’s about to share. 

Dubai Address
Duncan Stevens, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates