Motivational speaker Dubai. Duncan Stevens has been speaking all over the middle east and Dubai for the last decade. He is one of the most in demand motivational speakers in Dubai due to his inspiring content which mixes his easy to apply and employ Effective Influence Model and his entertaining, interactive influence demonstrations.

These demonstrations are taken from his ‘Playing With Minds’ mentalist show that he has toured the world with. You delegates, audiences and guests will experience and unqiue and contemporary keynote presentation which offers a rich blend of education, motivation and inspiration to leave them itching to take action and implement what they have scribbled down in their notebooks. 

Who is Duncan Stevens?

Duncan Stevens is one of the leading authorities on influence and effectiveness and his Effective Influence Model is often referred to as visionary. Duncan has been helping brands, companies, teams and leaders move the needle on their influencing and persuasion abilities to make them more effective more often for over a decade. He is the founder of the Influence Association, author of the best selling book Effective Influence, professional mentalist and serial entrepreneur. He has founded several six figure businesses and has a decorated history working in the British Navy, alongside holding senior management positions in retail companies in the UK.

Duncan is hired all over the middle east as a motivational speaker for delegates, sales professionals, leaders, executives, teams and companies looking to inspire their team to sell more, convert more leads, retain more customers and move more nos to yesses. 

Motivational Speaker Dubai

Duncan is a highly sought after motivational speaker Dubai. He has over 10 years experience, motivating, inspiring and educating audiences around the world. As a result of his popularity, Duncan does get booked up quickly and often many months in advance, so if you are looking to secure Duncan’s services, get in touch now:

Watch Duncan's Motivational Speaker Showreel Below:

International Speaker in Dubai
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Motivational Speaker in Dubai
Keynote Speaker Dubai
Motivational speaker in Dubai

Why clients are looking to Duncan as their motivational keynote speaker in Dubai?

Duncan Stevens is a high-in-demand motivational speaker in Dubai for 5 big reasons. He is a leading authority in his field of influence and effectiveness. His motivational keynote presentation is unqiue and memorable and he has over 10 years of experience. Add into the mix that is content is highly relavent to the current economic climate and your company.

Ultimately, Duncan is an easy-to-work with speaker who always over-delivers in every keynote presentation he delivers. Here are the top 5 reasons why Duncan is the one of the worlds most popular keynote speakers:



Duncan Stevens is one of the Middle Easts leading authorities on influence and effectiveness. With over 15 years experience in the field of influence and persuasion, it is no suprise, he is the founder and CEO of the Influence Association. Not only that but he is the author of the best-selling book Effective Influence: 65 Influence Based Experiments To Make you More Persuasive and Effective and has spent 8 years performing his critically acclaimed ‘mentalist’ influence and persuasion show. He has worked with a range of Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the worlds most iconic brands and their leaders. Duncan and his team at the Influence Experiments also conduct regular experiments into the field of influence and persuasion so that you are confident that you will be getting the most cutting edge behavioural psychology knowledge.



When you hire Duncan for your event, you are not just hiring another motivational speaker in Dubai. You are hiring someone who can inspire, motivate, change mind-sets and deliver powerful content to your team and leaders to give them the edge in your business or industry. Not only that, but Duncan includes some of his highly entertaining Influence and Persuasion ‘Mentalist’ act in his motivational keynote speech (that he has perfromed around the world) to ensure that your guests are both learning and having fun. Duncan also shares his proprietary Effective Influence Model™ to your delegates help them take their influencing, persuasion, sales, leadership and teamworking skills to the next level.



Duncan is well known for being an easy to work with keynote speaker in Dubai. He doesn’t have any special requests for his keynote presentation and takes the greatest pride in delivering an inspiring motivational keynote speech. Furthermore, his other goal is to represent you to the best of his abilities in the hope you are congratulated for orgnaising an incredible event and keynote speaker. From the moment you or your event planning team get in touch to the moment Duncan stands on stage to deliver his content, you can be assured of a smooth booking process.



Having been helping companies and individuals for over 10 years through the delivery of his keynote speeches in Dubai, masterclasses around the whole of Asia or consulting for some of the worlds most recognisable brands and companies Duncan has a wealth of experience in the keynote speaking arena. As mentioned earlier, Duncan has also authored a best selling book on the subject of influence, (Effective Influence) is the CEO of the Influence Association and has a wealth of corporate experience behind him having worked in the UK Royal Navy and corporate industry.



Every time Duncan delivers his motivational speech in Dubai or internationally,  you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be shared to your people in your corporate language with your corporate culture in mind. Duncan is constantly refining, tweaking and updating his masterclasses and keynote speeches to make them 100% relavent to the present moment. In these times of uncertainty, through the pandemic, or at least at the back end of it, his keynote speech is unique and tailored to the current global situation we all face. It is then finessed even further to your market challenges and your company. Duncan takes time to understand your business, and market and as a result, you can be assured of a highly relavent and bespoke speech from one of the leading motivational speakers in Dubai.

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Inspirational Speaker Dubai

Some of the Conference and Convention Centres in Dubai:

Dubai has already established itself on the Global stage as a destination for some of the world’s leading summits and conferences. Duncan has enjoyed helping many brands, companies, teams and leaders become more persuasive and effective and inspiring them through periods of change. Below are a few venues that Duncan has either spoken at or are known for their superb quality, service and prestigious standing in the world of events and conferences in Dubai:

Dubai World Trade Center Tower – Sheikh Rashid Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Zaabeel Convention Centre Entrance, 2nd Za’abeel Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade CentreTrade Centre 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre – Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates