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Influence Expert Duncan Stevens
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Duncan Stevens has been a teamwork speaker for the last 10 years. He helps teams to achieve higher standards, exceed higher targets, and work more efficiently and more cost-effectively through practical applications of influence and persuasion strategies.

In these talks, Duncan shares his Effective Influence Model to show how your team can work more efficiently together with increased levels of collaberation using influence and persuasion as the glue that binds them together. 

The days of communicating in a one size fits all style are long gone. Nowadays the most effective teams, collaberators and collectives are communicating in truly bespoke styles to both their internal and external stakeholders, customers and colleagues.

They are finessing their teamworking and influencing strategies to optimimise their efficiency using some core principles of persuasion to elicit the desired result – whether it is to influence them to achieve higher standards, exceed higher targets, or work more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

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Marketing Conference Speaker - Duncan Stevens
Marketing keynote speaker - Duncan Stevens

Bring Duncan To Your Event:

Duncan Stevens is a professional teamwork speaker. He is the author of the best-selling book, Effective Influence, Founder and Director of The Influence Association and an teamwork, collaberation and community building specialist. Duncan shares his ideas on how to apply influence and persuasion techniques to bring about a more cohesive and effective team.

This will result in more effectiveness, better levels of collaberation which in turn will lead to increased productivity, sales, leads converted and increased focus on the team goal. He draws on some of the science shared in his best-selling book ‘Effective Influence’ and packages it into a tailored keynote or masterclass for your company using your language, to your people, delivering your objectives.

In his Effective Influence Model, professional marketing speaker, Duncan Stevens, demystifies and decodes the techniques that are used by the world’s leading companies, brands, teams and leaders to increase their effectiveness through knowing how to act and what to say to persuade and influence internal and external stakholders more effectively every single time.

Duncan shares with you small, practical, costless principles that you can implement right now that will allow you to inspire, motivate and energise your teams to increase their productivity and effectiveness.


Lloyds Bank

"Duncan delivered his keynote to over 300 of us and were given a real treat. Out of all the keynotes I have seen, this one really stood out. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."


"Engaging, fun and really inspiring. It was just what our team needed!"


"Another great keynote from Duncan. The standing ovation at the end said it all!"

Royal Mail

"We hired Duncan to deliver his Effective Influence Model presentation and our team loved it! Loads of amazing examples and actionable takeaways. We’ll definitely be having him back!"

Procter and Gamble

We booked Duncan to talk at our event and he was the highlight and talking point of the whole day. Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly book again in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The best teamwork speaker is subjective due to different people having different expectations and requirements for their teamwork speaker. The best teamwork speakers are those who can speak in a way that will inspire, energize and motivate an audience and the content helps meet your team’s objectives more effectively. Contact Duncan to learn about how he can serve your audience and business.

A teamwork speaker UK is a professional keynote speaker is the memorable ingredient at a conference that helps to communicate a change in culture, a corporate announcement, change in culture or conference theme. In doing so they will help meet your objectives for your team – whether it is to inspire, motivate, offer new perspectives or deliver innovate strategies to your team. Contact Duncan to understand how he can help.

Different teamwork speakers charge different rates. Their fee is dependent on a number of variables including how experienced they are, their credentials, their content, their location or the length of their teamwork speech. Contact Duncan to check his teamwork speaking fees and check his availability.