Duncan has adapted to the current state in the world and now offers virtual keynote presentations, virtual training, custom consultations and online question and answer sessions. These are premium exclusive solutions for your team where Duncan offers tailored applications of his extensive knowledge of influence and persuasion and applies it to your business. This is laser focussed content using the context of your business to ensure that you can leave any virtual call and take action right then and there.

You may or may not be familiar with some of Duncan’s keynotes or have read his best-selling book Effective Influence. Whilst his book looks at a more overview of influence and persuasion and how it can be applied to businesses in a broader brush stroke, with his virtual, online or zoom consultations or training, Duncan breaks down the exact elements of influence so you know both what to do and what to say and makes it 100% applicable to your business.


In a similar approach to his keynotes, Duncan customises these online sessions to help you with the struggles you are facing at the moment. In turbulent times Duncan can share his knowledge which has helped businesses refocus their energy and goals to weather the pandemic storm. For other businesses he has laid out a roadmap to come out of hiding and start the wheels back in motion of their company. Others he has helped find direction for them to take advantage and leverage massive successes in these unprecedented times.

Whatever stage you are at in your business as the pandemic grips the world, Duncan can offer either a bespoke virtual keynote or a more open forum answering questions from the attendees or a custom training session or masterclass.

These calls will give you the inspiration, motivation, and action you can be taking right now to thrive. He will help change perceptions of fear and uncertainty into that of excitement and positivity and help you to ensure you are operating at maximum effectiveness the minute the call ends. If you are interested in partnering with Duncan so he can help your business, grow and influence more customers and clients then get in touch using the APPLY NOW button below.


  • Content-rich question and answer sessions and presentations which will detail Duncan’s Effective Influence Model applicable to your business.
  • He will draw tailored examples from his bestselling book ‘Effective Influence’ and apply them directly into your business or situation to make it highly contextual.
  • Duncan will share actionable persuasion strategies - both in what to do and what to say in order to attract and retain more customers in challenging times.
  • Duncan shares the core principles of influence and tailors the question and answer session or presentation using your language, to your people, delivering your objectives.
  • Duncan provides you with the winning influence tools and techniques to help you to overcome challenging situations and create more opportunities, and operate significantly more effectively.
  • He leaves you’re the participants on the zoom call confident, inspired, and ready to take action using the actionable principles he shares.
  • These virtual online are interactive. They involve the audience. They provoke thoughts. They change mind sets. They offer new perspectives. They entertain and inform.
  • All of the tools and techniques shared on these calls are underpinned by studies and experiments meaning you know that there is a real legitimacy to everything.
  • All of Duncan’s content is provided with context meaning it is much easier to visualise transferring into your own work environment.

To ensure that he can offer a truly bespoke and targeted service, Duncan limits his consultations to only 15 organisations a year. If you are interested in taking advantage of this truly bespoke service then get in touch here to discuss fees, availability and how he can serve you.



Duncan’s customised question and answer sessions, virtual keynotes, virtual training sessions, customised consultancy is perfect for anyone wanting to better themselves or their team. It works perfectly for sales professionals looking to influence their prospective customers, managers looking to influence their staff, marketing consultants wanting to influence more of their consumers or leaders wanting to influence more of their followers.

The industry Duncan can help can equally be more specific such as health professionals wanting to influence patients or sports coaches looking to influence their players or team.

Duncan works with and in a range of industries and genres of business including sales, marketing, technology, leadership and more.

If you want your team to buy into a new mind set, change their perceptions, increase their effectiveness or help them persuade and influence more often with more success, then this is for you.

Perhaps the most popular use of these sessions is to help companies, businesses and individuals overcome challenging situations. Now more than ever, we are faced with a global upheaval in unprecedented times. Working with Duncan, may very well help give you the edge to either help you survive or positively thrive in such challenging times.

Lloyds Bank

"Duncan delivered his keynote to over 300 of us and were given a real treat. Out of all the keynotes I have seen, this one really stood out. Inspiring, engaging and everyone took home loads of actionable points."


"Engaging, fun and really inspiring. It was just what our team needed!"


"Another great keynote from Duncan. The standing ovation at the end said it all!"


  • Signed copies of his best-selling book Effective Influence to all attendees at deep discounts
  • Reworking of scripts and presentations within your organisation to focus on objection handling and sales techniques
  • Reworking of the workflow in your business from securing new business or customers, converting them into valued customers and ensuring that they both continue to buy from you but also bring in new clients or customers.
  • Delivery of the recorded virtual or online session to you so that you can refer back to it or use for ongoing Learning and Development for your wider team.
  • A follow up call or online session to address any thoughts, concerns or issues surrounding the implementation of specific strategies. This call could simply be used to refocus your team and answer any outstanding questions.

To ensure that he can offer a truly bespoke and targeted service, Duncan limits his consultations to only 15 organisations a year. If you are interested in taking advantage of this truly bespoke service then get in touch here to discuss fees, availability and how he can serve you.

There is no typical price you can put on a virtual speech as there are so many variables at play. The price will be dependent on the length, how much customisation you require and they style (whether it is question and answer or presentation based). In these unprecedented times, Duncan is confident that he can make a real difference to your company and its objectives. Similarly his time with you will both motivate and inspire your team in times of real uncertainty. It’s sometimes difficult to place a value on that but you will certainly find yourself receiving a superb return on investment. Duncan sees himself as that too – an investment in your business. As a result he aims to deliver as much value as possible. To get a custom quote for your event, do not hesitate in getting in touch via email or using the contact form on the contact page.

The people who are on the call are not an audience or a crowd or a team. In these sessions there are participants. Where they are actively getting involved in the discussion or actively listening, they will be participating. Participation is the best way to get the most out of these sessions and ensure that Duncan is meeting your needs with pinpoint accuracy. Thus, anybody who attends these calls should attend with an open mind, some questions if they have any and be ready to take a few notes or absorb some contextually sound content that they can employ straight away.
Duncan’s virtual presentations or virtual training or consultations have a wide range of content in them. In these sessions he will share new, cutting edge principles and ideas that are supported by case studies and behavioural psychology. These will give even the most experienced professionals something new to their arsenal to help them become even more persuasive and effective. These same principles will be explained from the ground up, so whether you’re a seasoned professional or are inexperienced compared to some of their colleagues they will gain great benefit to. Duncan also shares some more traditional influence and persuasion strategies but tweaks them to ensure both experienced and inexperienced professionals gain huge benefit. They can both make small changes to make a big impact.
Once you have experienced the session, these will be yours to keep within your organisation. As long as they are kept private within your organisation and not distributed outside of that, then they are yours to keep for however long you see fit. These may be of benefit for those who were unable to attend the session or others who want a refresher in some of the content. Duncan will ensure you and the other participants are happy for him to record to comply with GDPR and then send it out to you after the session.
Duncan aims to give you as much value as possible. He delivers these sessions with the sole aim to help you become better. Whether you want to become more persuasive or influential or simply operate with a greater degree of effectiveness Duncan aims to help. So whilst you make hire Duncan for a 1 or 2 or even 3 hour session, he’s not clock watching. Whilst he will certainly have other commitments during the day, if the sessions run over to help you achieve something great then that’s no problem at all. Before the session, Duncan likes to have an understanding of your main issues or problems that you want help with or your objectives for hiring Duncan, and then he construct the session around that. He can then give you a few options as to the length of the session he would recommend and what he can achieve within that specific allotted time.
The beauty of these sessions is that your team can be anywhere in the world. This is what has made them some popular even before zoom calls became even more popular when Coronavirus gripped the world. If you were to hire Duncan, alongside the content we would also liaise to determine the best time for all and take into consideration time zones and working hours. Duncan will make his schedule fit you. So if it’s 9pm where he is but that is a more preferable time for your colleagues in a different time zone, they Duncan will try his best to accommodate that.
Duncan’s schedule changes almost daily. As more and more people are looking to navigate these uncertain times, the more demand is placed on him. Additionally Duncan has a number of other commitments outside of his online or virtual training and consultations so it is important to book early. Similarly, due to these other commitments and the time he invests preparing for each of these sessions, he only takes on a number of consultations or online keynotes each yea. Even if you are just considering a session, then do get in touch with Duncan as soon as possible to check his availability via the contact form on the contact page or the application button further up this page.
There are no minimum or maximum numbers for these sessions. Duncan often gives one-on-one consultancy to a number of clients around the world. These are perfect as these sessions follow a more traditional consultancy approach where Duncan can give is whole attention to the micro issues to help with. In groups of larger numbers, Duncan delivers his sessions to guests of upwards of 50 people with his preferred number around 30. The less guests that attend, the more opportunities they will have to ask specific questions for Duncan to address and help with.