Duncan is now offering online coaching and presentations to help your business through Covid-19. Find out how Duncan can help you in these unprecedented times.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

2020 was a year that became synonymous with the words virtual, online and zoom. Whilst I was busy delivering virtual keynote presentations and virtual masterclasses, all curated for my clients, one of the most frequent enquiries was for me to offer virtual team building activities. These enquires often came off the back of my presentations and masterclasses. 


Because even though I make every effort to deliver content-rich presentations and masterclasses I also place an equal emphasis on fun. I want my content to be engaging. One of the easiest ways to make it engaging is to make it fun. Science has shown us time and time again that both children and adults learn faster and retain more information if the subject or content is delivered in both a fun and informative way and offers elements of interactivity.

My masterclasses allow for a much more free-flowing open forum where I have developed specific activities for my clients to engage in. This ensures that they get some much more out of the sessions. Whereas my virtual keynote presentations are usually 45-60 minutes in length my masterclasses and workshops are spread over the course of a full or half day. This allows much more room and scope for activities.

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Why are Duncan's team building activities so fun?

Whilst Duncan is the founder of the Influence Association and recognized as one of the leading authorities on influence and effectiveness he is also a professional psychological illusionist. He uses his skills and expertise within the field of influence and persuasion to offer full theatre shows and after dinner entertainment performances. Whilst these performances are underpinned with similar psychology techniques and influence and persuasion skills he shares in his keynote presentations or masterclasses, these are focussed on 100% fun and entertainment. 

It is with these skills that Duncan creates his Influence and Persuasion Virtual Team Building Activities. Duncan’s virtual team building sessions combine some of his influence show and combines it with some expertly curated activities that allow your team to engage with one another and try out their influence skills they will have learnt.

There are a lot of virtual team building activities that your team can take part in but many clients come to me as they know that their team will also get something valuable form the sessions as well as just fun. These learnings can be applied after the team building activities have finished. You can be assured that they will not even consciously know they are picking up new insights and techniques that are underpinned by science and psychology that they can apply immediately.

What kind of teams are these suitable for?

Duncan of his Influence and Persuasion Virtual Team Building for all groups, companies, businesses of all sizes. With Duncan being one of the worlds leading authorities on influence and persuasion Duncan’s skills are perfectly suited to sales, marketing and leadership teams. In fact, any team which needs to engender a change or influence others. Duncan’s virtual team building sessions are perfect for all groups because they instill a sense of team work within the group and encourage a shared learning too.

What can I expect from one of Duncan's Virtual Team Building Sessions?

You can expect fun, laughter, inspiration and motivation. You can also expect your team to be working collaboratively to influence and persuade one another and at the same time learn some techniques from one of the leading authorities on influence and persuasion. 

More specifically you can experience a short performance from Duncan’s theatre show and then he will lift the lid on some of the influence and persuasion skills and techniques used. Your team will then get to practice influencing and persuading one another with some of the skills they have learnt. This is great fun with different scenarios presented to your group. There are of course lots of other surprises and interactivity to ensure you and your team both have lots of fun but have a huge amount of takeaways too.

How much does a typical Virtual Team Building activity cost?

There is no set price or fee for Duncan’s Virtual Team Building Activity session because they will all vary in length, bespoke requirements from the client, and additional requirements. To discuss your requirements in more detail, and to receive a quote, get in contact with Duncan to find out more.

What do I need to bring for the team building session?

Duncan conducts his influence and persuasion team building sessions on Zoom but can use any of your preferred platform. He uses state of the art cameras, lights and production equipment to deliver a highly professional virtual team building activity session.

You don’t need to bring anything to the session except a notepad and pen for a few notes. If you have engaged Duncan’s services to focus on particular parts of influence and persuasion he may ask you to communicate to your team to bring other items to the session but this is not commonplace. Anything more bespoke, Duncan has posted out ‘Persuasion Packages’ to the delegates with additional information and props for the session.

How does the booking process work?

Duncan is a highly sought after virtual team building activity specialist, masterclass facilitator and keynote speaker. A his profile gets increasingly more recognizable, the demand for his services increases more and more too. 

Thus the first thing to do his to check his availability to secure your date. With these sessions being conducted there are more opportunities for you to secure the time and date of your choice. Get in contact via his contact form and he will endeavor to give you a call back within 24 hours to discuss your requirements, check availability and discuss any other particulars you may have.

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